Swifties aren't happy! Taylor Swift fans are suing Ticketmaster over the Eras Tour disaster

Swifties aren't happy! Taylor Swift fans are suing Ticketmaster over the Eras Tour disaster

Published on December 04, 2022 22:31 PM by Anna P

Suing Ticketmaster 

Over 20 persons were suing Ticketmaster when the website failed a few days ago while tickets for Taylor Swift's Eras Tour were being sold. According to TMZ, The Swifties, or as Taylor Swift followers are known, are suing Ticketmaster for "enabling bots and scalpers to foul up the November 15 presale event royally."

As per the reports

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For tickets to Taylor Swift's tour, Ticketmaster offered a Verified Fan system that would have prohibited ticket sales on unofficial websites and restricted access to registered fans exclusively. According to reports, Swift's Tour tickets were reportedly available for over $20,000 on resale websites like Stubhub.

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Fans of Taylor Swift are suing Ticketmaster for fraud

The impacted fans are suing the company for "ill-gotten gains" that it allegedly accrued during the presale. They are requesting a $2500 fine for each infraction.

"intentional misrepresentation

According to reports quoting the complaint, the fans have also charged Ticketmaster with "intentional misrepresentation" and claim that the company permitted scalpers access to the presale. Fans suing Ticketmaster also argue that the firm controls both the primary and secondary ticket markets and double-dips on the scalper fees.

The initial price range was $49 to $499

Reportedly, some locations' resale prices for Taylor Swift concert tickets are as high as $30,000, including Las Vegas, Texas, and Arizona. The tickets' initial price range was $49 to $499.

Several consumer advocacy organizations and politicians brought up the problems with Ticketmaster last month.

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