Supernatural Star Teases Return To The Boys As Season 4 Filming Begins

Supernatural Star Teases Return To The Boys As Season 4 Filming Begins

Updated on August 17, 2022 17:17 PM by Ava Sara

The Boys Season 4 Is On Its Way 

The Boys season 4 is beginning production, which means that reveals, confirmations, and teases should be coming thick and fast.

One thing we've got already is confirmation that Supernatural star Jensen Ackles is returning for the upcoming season.

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The actor commented on an Instagram post that Karl Urban posted that features himself and Jack Quaid raring to go. "Pour me a double," Ackles wrote. "I'm on my way."

Ackles’ Entry In Season 3

Ackles was introduced in season 3 as Soldier Boy, a dark twist on Captain America, who rapped to Blondie and murdered people during live webcam sex sessions, among other things. He was pretty memorable, and it's good to hear that we'll be getting more of that.

We did actually get some more of Soldier Boy in the last week after Ackles revealed that they shot a LOT more footage than the fake promo that was previously scened. Following fan demand, a longer scene showed us Soldier Boy's history.

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The Secrets Of The Boys Season 4

One thing we don't know about season 4 is if it will be the final season. We left things off learning that Billy Butcher only has months to live, and his brain has been turned into mashed potato (or Swiss cheese, as he puts it) thanks to his use of Compound V.

Seeing as Billy is the show's main character, even if Homelander is the poster boy, we wonder if the show could or even should go on without him. Of course, they could find a way to keep him from dying, but at the moment, we just don't know where things are going to go.

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