Sanya Richards-Ross Unveils She Faced A Miscarriage During Filming A Season 15

Sanya Richards-Ross Unveils She Faced A Miscarriage During Filming A Season 15

Updated on July 28, 2023 18:32 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Sanya Richards-Ross, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star, 38, disclosed during an interview on 27th July that she encountered a miscarriage while filming a hit Bravo series for Season 15. This muted news comes after a couple of weeks ago that she expected her second kid with her better half, Aaron Ross. But it was very traumatic two months after she identified that she was expecting a newborn. She was in New York and had a bad miscarriage. She had to go to hospital and had a blood transfusion.

Sanya Richards Had A Very Scary and difficult Experience

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The 38-year-old explained it was ‘very, very, very scary’!! She went to undergo an extremely ‘difficult’ experience as she was thrilled to be pregnant. She said that you opened a heart to becoming a mom, and suddenly, it was awful. Talking about it, she suffered a ‘difficult’ time while filming Season 15.

The former field and track athlete and Aarondiscovered they were assuming their second kid. Cameras were documenting and rolling into their journey for conceiving their second kid, though it’s vague once the emotional aftermath and miscarriage were filmed.

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Aaron and Sanya Richards-Ross are already parents of a Son named Aaron Jermaine

Irrespective of this, Sanya Richards-Ross told the journal that she was ‘skeptical,’ trying to expand the family. The couples are already guardians of a son, Aaron Jermaine, who will soon turn six. She shared that, don’t take me wrong, and we loved being parents. All these years, we’d found a good rhythm and determined how we wished to be good parents. We made a balance where we could communicate well with each other. The miscarriage put things in perspective for Sanya and her family. 

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Sanya was pleased to find She was pregnant another time

Sanya Richards-Ross told the public that she did not realize how much she desired to become a mother again and feels blessed to be a mom. Family is the first thing; the other things she likes are work and other stuff that comes in second place. She said that if she focused on her family, all things would appear. A month after the miscarriage, Sanya Richards-Ross was contented to find out she was pregnant yet again. At my age, it is regarded as a geriatric pregnancy, so she is worried that the window may begin to put an end.

Sanya gushed to experience the Best Christmas Surprise Ever

After the miscarriage, Sanya was unprepared to face the hard times of emotional, mental, and physical pain. Her doctor assured her that everything would be good and going well. She gushed that her little kid would arrive in time for the Holiday season of 25th December 2023. It will be the best Christmas Surprise. She knows how it can make it happen and is ready to meet her little one. When she and her husband told the son they’d lost a baby, he cried but later felt ‘over the moon’ to discover that her mom was planning again. 

Sanya might introduce the baby’s sex at the time of the RHOA reunion, which started filming on 27th July 2023. Follow for more fascinating and spellbinding stories. Stay tuned for the latest updates right away! 

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