‘RIP Oprah’ goes viral, has she passed away

‘RIP Oprah’ goes viral, has she passed away

‘RIP Oprah’ trends on social media sites and this has left fans in a state of utter shock

Updated on July 22, 2022 17:20 PM by Sally Harbor

The Havoc

Social media is known for its speed and also known for creating Havoc among users with its updates and speed. The same happened on 21 July as well as the social media went crazy as many users got the message ‘RIP Oprah’.

The truth 

The message had left Oprah’s fans curious as to what the truth is and they all wanted to know if the news was true or if they fell for a tasteless joke. But the truth found out brought in good hopes for the fans of the star.

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The clear air 

Just to leave the air fresh, Oprah Winfrey is still alive and is not dead. This news made fans breathe a sigh of relief and hunt down the source spreading such baseless rumors. Oprah Winfrey has always played an important role in the American Society and she is an improving figure of the country. And such news puts the people of the country in fear. Better way of living 

Oprah Winfrey had contributed a lot towards the American Society. From Television to Philanthropy to Art to Social Justice, and many more, she has contributed and played a role in bettering the way of American life.

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Ignore it 

If you as well have received such a message about the public figure’s death, completely ignore it and not believe in it at all because it is just a scam. It is not hidden that Oprah Winfrey has always remained quite active on all her social media be it Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. She does a lot of retweets and posts loads of Instagram videos regularly.

The reduction 

But recently she has not been the active Oprah of social media that she used to be due to the death of her beloved father Vernon Winfrey. She was a very close daughter of his and she has taken this time to mourn the huge loss and spend some time with her family.

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