Plastic Surgery Disasters of Hollywood Stars!

Plastic Surgery Disasters of Hollywood Stars!

Updated on December 08, 2021 23:02 PM by Ava Sara

We do not realise the struggles that actors have to go through.  Not just to become an established actor but also to retain that young, energetic and charming image to keep us appealing and entertained. The pressure is real.  Sometimes this makes an actor take some drastic measures that are irreversible and life-changing.  Hollywood has no shortage of talented and beautiful actors who, to feel more confident in their skin, go under the knife that sometimes does not turn out to be how they expected it to be. 

I'm sure you all are aware of plastic surgery disasters. Are you ready to know about a few celebrities who had the worst of them all? Then read on!

Joan Rivers - overdone plastic surgeries

Joan Rivers, the comedian, producer, and actress, has had not just one but many plastic surgeries.  From a facelift to eyelid surgery,  she has done it all.  This comedian even has admitted to all of these plastic surgeries.  The difference can be noticed in her before and after photos, and clearly, it is overdone.  

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Michael Jackson - unfortunately, had Body Dysmorphic disorder.

This list would be incomplete without the mention of Pop King Michael Jackson. Unfortunately, this legendary pop star, who everyone loved, had a condition called Body Dysmorphic disorder which simply means that he couldn't see himself as others do.  He wanted every inch of him to be perfect and so ended up going under the knife multiple times. He tried to correct every defect in him, which was non-existent, but his condition made him believe it existed. This led to him appearing almost a white ghost after all the surgeries! But we would have loved him even with his flaws because he is Michael Jackson, after all.

Courteney Cox- plastic surgery regrets

This is not new to the fans of the 90s TV show "Friends." The ever-so-clean Monica (Courteney Cox) went under the knife and came out feeling nothing but regret. She was known for her looks and had garnered many fans over the years. But her decision to go under the knife and come out looking this way was disheartening to many fans who adored her.

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Kylie Jenner - the fillers disaster

Well, Kylie Jenner clearly said that her face fillers didn't work for her. This "Keeping up with the Kardashians" star isn't the only one who has regretted and even come out in the open about going overboard with fillers. Definitely, not a good decision.  So if you're thinking of getting one,  think again, maybe?

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Mickey Rourke- hottest man became unrecognizable.

Mickey Rourke was one of the hottest stars of Hollywood. He was extremely charming, and nobody ever thought that he would end up looking like what he does now.  I mean,  it's impossible even to think that such a handsome man can transform to the extent that he would become unrecognizable. He had admitted the regret and said that he just wanted to get rid of the mess in his face because of boxing, but he wasn't lucky enough to have found the right person for it. 

Priscilla Presley- ageless beauty lost a bit of her charm.

Yes, Elvis Presley's ex-wife is also a victim of plastic surgery disasters.  She fell at the hands of the wrong person to get a facelift.  Ultimately, she lost a bit of her charm. Despite all this, the beautiful blue-eyed lady still is one of the ageless beauties that Hollywood has.

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