Paris Hilton's son is named Phoenix Barron

Paris Hilton's son is named Phoenix Barron

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Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum is the name Paris Hilton, and Carter Reum gave their newborn son. This Is Paris was the topic of her latest podcast episode. She revealed the name she and Reum chose for their first child. Paris: The Memoir, which Hilton will release on 14 March, will feature the name during the episode aired on 22 February. While searching for something to go with Paris and London on a map, I named him Phoenix. 

Hilton notes in her forthcoming memoir that the name Phoenix refers to the mythical bird that rises from its ashes. She read, "Phoenix has some good pop culture references, but more importantly, it is about a bird that burns to ash, then rises again to fly." I want my son to grow up knowing that disasters and triumphs are part of life and that this should inspire hope for the future for us all."

Selection of names: decision-making process

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Her late grandfather, Barron Hilton, was the inspiration for the middle name Barron that she chose for her son after reading the excerpt. In an interview with listeners, Hilton said, "He was always my mentor, and I looked up to him so much. We were so close, and he is missed daily, so I wanted to honour him by giving my first son his name. 

Hilton also explained her decision-making process in choosing the names for her children, revealing that she has been considering the names for "years and years". As far as Hilton is concerned, she has always known she wanted a future daughter named London since she was a "little girl."

Choosing a name for her future

She explained that she had hoped for a boy name that was either a city, state or country, but she needed help to develop a name that followed the same theme. She said that she loves to travel and likes exotic names, adding that she thinks it's "cute" that they all have city names. However, Hilton found coming up with a name for her future son "really difficult," given that she couldn't name him after her favourite places, such as Ibiza or Vegas. 

"Over a decade ago," Hilton said, the "amazing name" Phoenix came to her. It is such a beautiful and unique name," Hilton added, expressing her belief that names carry great power and wanting to give their son a new and exceptional name. Hilton noted during the podcast 

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