Noah Galvin and Ben Platt Have Decided to Get Married

Noah Galvin and Ben Platt Have Decided to Get Married

Updated on November 28, 2022 10:50 AM by Andrew Koschiev

Ben Platt and Noah Galvin 

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Former cast members of Dear Evan Hansen broke the news on Friday morning, with Galvin stating that he had "cried for like 7 hours" since hearing it.

Ben Platt and Noah Galvin are working on it for an indefinite amount of time. They made the announcement on Instagram on Friday that they are engaged. Both stars have been seen on Broadway in leading roles in the musical Dear Evan Hansen. Platt, who is 29 years old, posted photographs of the proposal on Instagram and highlighted the ring in the description, writing that "he agreed to hang out forever." Galvin, who is now 28 years old, wrote on his Facebook, "I said yeehaw and then cried for like seven hours."

Platt's replacement

Galvin was announced as Platt's replacement in the title role of the Tony Award-winning musical in November 2017, following Platt's decision to stand away from the role. The meeting was the beginning of the two people's deep friendship, which a few years later led to the development of their romantic relationship.

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Galvin’s appearance 

When Galvin made an appearance on an edition of the Little Known Facts with Ilana Levine podcast in May 2020, the duo made their relationship status public and revealed that they were dating. "After five years of friendship, right before the pandemic, we came to the conclusion that it was time to actually give it a go. We kind of danced around the issue for a considerable amount of time, Kelly Clarkson was informed by Platt later on how the trajectory of their relationship had changed over the years.

Genuine love

Platt, who appears in the film The People We Hate at the Wedding, which can be viewed right now on Prime Video, shared with Out magazine in 2021 that he had discovered "a partner that I genuinely love." He stated that Galvin "has a really unique ability to allow me to... be present where I am and to make the life that's happening day to day too amazing for me to want to be anywhere else but on the ground for it." Platt wished Galvin a happy birthday through the Instagram direct message in May, which was the actor's month of birth "happy birthday dear friend. You are the most extraordinary present that the cosmos has ever concocted for anyone. I give thanks that you were brought into this world. I adore you so much."

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