Montell Jordan's is a American rapper, songwriter ,Producer and Personal life Net Worth

Montell Jordan's is a American rapper, songwriter ,Producer and Personal life Net Worth

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Montell Jordan is a former American rapper, songwriter and producer with a net worth of $500 thousand. He is perhaps best known for the 1995 single "This Is How We Do It". He became a male solo artist, but in 2010 he finally left the music industry to focus on being a born-again Christian. Jordan is currently a worship leader for the World Victory Church in Georgia.

Montell Jordan Early Life

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Montell DuSean Burnett was born in Los Angeles, California, on December 3, 1968. In a South-Central Baptist household with two deacons, Montell grew up playing the piano in his local church. After completing high school in Gardena, Jordan enrolled at Pepperdine University in Malibu. At school, he became a fraternity member and studied Communication Science. He eventually earned his bachelor's degree and graduated in 1991.

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Montell Jordan Career

After graduating from college, Montell was hired by Williams. However, he was still thinking about his future career as a musician. He invited his colleagues to his performance, and Janet Jackson and Shanice Wilson were present at the show. He then distributed mixtapes, met Russell Simmons, and in 1995 Def He signed with Jam. He was the second R&B artist to be signed to the label.

In 1995, Jordan released "This Is How We Do It", which reached number one on the charts and held that position for seven consecutive weeks. Thanks to the success of that single, Montell's debut album sold over one million copies and earned her platinum status. Following that success, Montell toured with artists such as his Boys II Men. He fell seven feet off the stage during one performance but was not injured.

Jordan wasn't a one-hit wonder and continued with songs like "Somethin' 4 da Honeyz," "Let's Ride," and "I Like." However, these tracks were not as successful as "This Is How We Do It". But "Get It On Tonite" came just around the corner, and the track reached his #4 spot on his 1999 charts. During this time, he wrote and produced songs for Christina Milian, 98 Degrees, Shay Jones, and many other artists. He also explored various acting opportunities in films such as Fighting Temptations and The Nutty Professor.

By 2003, Jordan had left his Def Soul. He later explained that he and label executives had "artistic differences", particularly regarding his image. ', which would be the beginning of the end of Montell's music career. He only released one more song before he disappeared from the music world, and that was his 2008 release "Let It Rain". It was released on his Fontana Records.

Apart from that, Montell made sporadic live appearances, appearing at various halftime shows.

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Montell Jordan's Personal Life And Relationship Status


Montell Jordan was an excellent jingle writer then, and he did almost 30 commercials before bringing his first creation into the music industry. After earning a lot of money by doing different commercials, he released his first track. He released his first single, at the age of 27.

This was named "this is how we do it". Everybody appreciated it. It reached number one on Billboard and remained there for the next three weeks. He continued a career as a singer and songwriter for the next 13 years.

After that next phase, the office of his life started, and he started producing music. He went on to produce music for another five years. This. Then, after a lot of thinking and talking with his loved ones. He decided to leave everything for God. He followed his parent's advice and continued the work that His parents were doing at the time. Today he is the leader of the world Victory Church. It is one of the richest organizations in the state of Georgia.

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Montell Jordan's Social Media Handles 

Instagram: @montelljordan

Twitter: @montelljordan

Facebook: @montelandkristin

Youtube: Montell Jordan

Wikipedia: Motell Jordan


Q: Was Montell Jordan in the military?

A: Montell Jordan served in the marines for 22 years. He left as a lieutenant.

Q: What's Montell Jordan doing now?

A: Montell Jordan, since then, has left his secular music career and is happily married; he has kids and Pastors at a church in Atlanta, Georgia, called "Victory World Church."

Q: What movie did Montell Jordan play in?

A: Montell Jordan plays in movies including, Standing in Shadows (2002), The Fighting Temptations (2003), Island Def Jam Recording (2005), and The List (2015).

Q; Did Montell Jordan ever play basketball?

A: He can't play basketball at all," Montell Jordan said with a chuckle. "He was athletic, but he was athletic too late in his life.

Q: How many kids does Montell Jordan have?

A: Montell Jordan has four kids; Skyler Jordan, Samantha Jordan, Chris Jordan, and Sydney Jordan.

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