Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy will reunite for a ‘Breakfast Club’ reunion on the second season of  ‘Single Drunk Female’

Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy will reunite for a ‘Breakfast Club’ reunion on the second season of  ‘Single Drunk Female’

Published on December 19, 2022 00:20 AM by Dhinesh

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It's time for detention once more!

More than 35 years after their breakthrough performances in John Hughes' The Breakfast Club (1985), Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy will once again share the screen as the former will guest feature on an upcoming season 2 episode of Freeform's Single Drunk Female, according to news sources.

" Being on set with Ally Sheedy makes me feel as though I'm with a member of my family. We have so much history that speaking is hardly necessary, "54-year-old Ringwald told EW. "The challenge is controlling the tears! Working on set with her once more was one of the pleasures of my year"

 She will portray Alice, the "ideal" sister-in-law to Sheedy's Carol who has a sardonic sense of humor and a talent for getting under Carol's skin while consistently winning over Carol's daughter Sam (Sofia Black-D'Elia), a recovering alcoholic navigating life and sobriety.

As Sheedy, 60, put it when asked about reteaming with Ringwald: "Molly is such a meaningful friend to me and we've just grown closer over the years," things behind the scenes couldn't be further from the truth.

Working on our episode together was enjoyable because I enjoy her company, and she continued. "She is outstanding, in my opinion... So there you go! I'm so appreciative of her efforts on our show."

Earlier this month, when they reunited for supper at Cafe Luxembourg in Manhattan's Upper West Side neighborhood, the couple gave a hint as to what they were up to. Ringwald posted a photo of the reunion with the phrase "Early Christmas present-dinner with my psychic sister Ally."

Ringwald and Sheedy are well-known for playing five teens from various socioeconomic strata — a princess (Ringwald), a loser (Sheedy), an athlete (Emilio Estevez), a genius (Anthony Michael Hall), and a bad guy (Judd Nelson) — who are compelled to spend a Saturday together in detention.

Sheedy admitted to having a soft spot for the film to news sources earlier this year. "I enjoy talking about The Breakfast Club at any time. I still adore it so much! " In January, she stated.

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