Melissa Joan Hart Claims To Have Assisted 'kindergarteners' Flee A Shooting

Melissa Joan Hart Claims To Have Assisted 'kindergarteners' Flee A Shooting

Updated on March 30, 2023 16:17 PM by Andrew Koschiev

This week, Melissa Joan Hart and her husband assisted a class of kindergarteners who fled the shooting at a Nashville school. In a video she posted on Instagram Tuesday, Hart said her kids go to the Christian Covenant School next door. When she and her husband helped some students escape from the shooting that killed six people, they were on their way to her kids' school conferences.

Melissa, about the shooter

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A class of kindergarteners climbed out of the woods to get away from a shooter at school," she said, her voice breaking, "so we helped them cross a busy highway." They crossed the street, their teachers met them, and a mother was reunited with her kids." Sandy Hook Elementary School was the site of 26 children's deaths in 2012, a school Hart's children attended nearby. Hart spoke to reporters in Nashville after moving from Connecticut.

A video will be out on Monday

Having two children near a school shooting is our second experience. Thankfully, everyone is safe. Her video was too raw to post that day, although she recorded it on Monday. Hart's spokesperson did not respond to a message seeking further comment. At this moment, I do not have anything else to say," she exhaled breathlessly. Hart has starred in sitcoms, including "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch."

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