Lucien Laviscount, ‘Emily in Paris’ Star, Will Play The Next James Bond Role

Lucien Laviscount, ‘Emily in Paris’ Star, Will Play The Next James Bond Role

Updated on January 02, 2023 14:37 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Lucien Laviscount is considered to play the lead role of James Bond in a film franchise in the mid of speculation by replacing Daniel Craig from the iconic character. The 30-year-old actor was admired by the producer Barbara Broccoli who owned Eon Productions, for making the franchise. 

This news arrived in ongoing speculation to replace Daniel, who played the role of the late author, Ian Fleming, in five movies over the past 15 years. Recently, the producer considered Lucien as he is known for playing the role of Alfie, the love interest of Emily Cooper in ‘Emily in Paris.’ 

Extremely Handsome and Super-talented Actor 

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It has been found that the British actor has seized the attention behind the 007 franchise, and he ticked all of the boxes. They said Lucien is the ‘extremely handsome’ and ‘super-talented’ actor who attracted new followers in the last 18 months when he joined the cast of rom-com Netflix series. 

The sources revealed, ‘Bosses already said how can you see him and how the role is suitable and fitting for him.’ Lucien can be a ‘sticking point’ who stayed in the fifth position on the reality television show. He grabbed a fan base for ‘stretches generations.

They added, ‘That seems like a dream to Barbara, who’s very taken with Lucien.’

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The Acting Career of Lucien Laviscount 

Lucien’s acting career involved the roles like Waterloo Road and Coronation Street. He performed among the cast of shows such as Snatch, Katy Keene, and Scream Queens. Barbara produced the 007 franchise with her brother, Michael G. Wilson, and spoke about the replacement of Daniel in the lead role. 

Barbara said on a movie podcast in 2021, ‘We require an actor who is British. This is the key thing’. She is open to a few diversities with the lead role and suggests that the upcoming actor isn’t required to be white but could be non-binary. 

She suggested the character ‘will be a man.’ Barbara’s brother, Michael, has teased the character of roles given in the thirties. 

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