Loona fires Chuu for verbally abusing employees: BlockBerry Creative releases a statement on termination

Loona fires Chuu for verbally abusing employees: BlockBerry Creative releases a statement on termination

Updated on November 25, 2022 21:20 PM by Ava Sara

Chuu has been kicked out of LOONA

BlockBerry Creative has announced that Chuu has been expelled from LOONA due to her terrible behavior and verbal abuse directed toward their team.

Agency's statement

They explained their explanation for Chuu's removal in a statement that was published by the agency on the group's fan cafe and shared by the agency.

BlockBerry Creative Explanation

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We are making this announcement to the fans to let them know that we have come to the conclusion that Chuu will no longer be a part of LOONA as of November 25, 2022.

During the course of the past year, there has been a great deal of conjecture concerning Chuu. Still, we and the other members of LOONA have yet to make any statements about it in order to avoid disrupting the progress of the group or causing the fans to become anxious.

Instead of debating whether anything is factual or fictitious, the members of LOONA strove to convey the depth of their emotions by giving their all to the performances and content they produced rather than by questioning the integrity of the information they presented.

However, just recently, we were informed about Chuu's tendency to engage in power trips and verbal abuse toward our workers. After conducting an investigation, we learned the truth about the situation. The staff members at our organization are offering their apologies and providing consolation to the impacted staff members. We have come to the conclusion that we must accept responsibility for this situation and expel Chuu from LOONA.

We want to extend our sincerest apologies to the staff members who have been profoundly affected by this, and we promise to do everything in our power to ensure that they can recover, concentrate on their treatment, and eventually resume their normal life.

We want to extend our sincere apologies to all the fans who have loved and supported LOONA this entire time. We would also like your forgiveness for our inability to keep all 12 members together until the very end of the band's run.

No matter what happens in the future, both the agency and LOONA will get back to their origins and put in the same amount of effort to ensure that an occurrence like this never happens again. The members of LOONA did not operate just for the sake of advancing themselves personally. They are also aware of the support their fans have given them, which has enabled them to get to where they are now, which is why they did nothing to cause LOONA any trouble. They will keep going till the very end to show their appreciation to the fans for all of the love and support they have given LOONA.

In addition, both the firm and the LOONA members will conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates gratitude and respect for all of our workers. Taking into consideration the efforts and sacrifices made by our team, the organization will make every effort to contribute to the community. We want to take this opportunity to extend our sincere apologies to the affected members of staff as well as the customers who were inconvenienced by this occurrence.

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