Kate Beckinsale pranks on a sleeping crew member, leaving fans envious

Kate Beckinsale pranks on a sleeping crew member, leaving fans envious

Updated on November 26, 2022 23:11 PM by Emily Hazel

Kate Beckinsale, who loves pranking people, had pranked recently as a part of a Thanksgiving celebration in her style on the sets of her upcoming movie Canary Black.

The Bottom Prank

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In her most recent prank, Kate Beckinsale stuck her pert bottom in the face of an unsuspecting sleeping crew guy. The 49-year-old Kate Beckinsale amused her Instagram fans as she joked about Croatia on the set of her newest film, Canary Black.

Kate Beckinsale shared a video on Instagram where she could be seen gradually edging her bottom into the face of a sleeping man who is her friend inside a trailer. The man jolted from his sleep with utter shock. 

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Thanksgiving celebration prank

This video was captioned that read, "We are English so we don't really celebrate Thanksgiving - but we do like to 'bum in the face' our dearest friends if they happen to fall asleep near us. Feel free to borrow and Happy Thanksgiving." 

Fans flooded the comment section and came up with cheeky remarks, including Dregs, who wrote, "What a lucky man." 

During this prank drama, Kate Beckinsale was dressed in her character Avery Graves while filming for her upcoming movie Canary Black.

Other pranks

Kate's prank doesn't end here, as the actress recently admitted that carrying a pantomime horse costume wherever she travels is another favourite practical joke of hers.

Kate Beckinsale is happy in Croatia while filming for the movie. She previously shared this on her Instagram feed "I'd highly advise putting the fun between your legs if you want to quite quickly meet a clutch of Croatian firemen."

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Canary Black storyline

Canary Black is an Action thriller, and a role Kate stares in a leading role as a CIA agent whose spouse is kidnapped by terrorists and blackmailed to betray her homeland. The spy thriller Canary Black was directed by Pierre Morel, best known for the wildly popular Liam Neeson film Taken. Major movie productions are increasingly choosing Croatia as the setting; in the summer, Beckinsale's countrywoman Kate Winslet was filming a wartime drama in Dubrovnik. This movie is being filmed in 130 locations across Zagreb.

Recent Instagram post

In her recent Instagram post, the actress shared an image of behind the scenes of Canary Black, where she was seen wearing a stunt outfit, convincing makeup and blood gushing from her mouth and face. 

After posing for a close-up to display her made-up bruises and cuts, Kate suddenly revealed a real injury. The stunning model extended her arm, exposing a severely swollen finger and wrist she had been holding up while being filmed.

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