Jenna Bush Hager didn't want her kids to make a wish list for Santa 

Jenna Bush Hager didn't want her kids to make a wish list for Santa 

Published on December 25, 2022 00:22 AM by Ava Sara

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Jenna Bush Hager wants her kids to know that not every Christmas they won't get everything they desire.

Bush Hager, 41, said she didn't want her kids to make a list of gifts for Santa Claus during a talk with her Today with Hoda & Jenna co host Hoda Kotb on Thursday about helping kids control their expectations for the holidays.

In an interview with Kotb, 58, she stated, "We got to go visit Santa and sit on his lap and meet Mrs. Claus, and [husband Henry Hager] said Well, should the kids create a list?

Bush Hager said, "And I said no because I don't want kids to assume that Santa is absolutely going to bring all ten things. "We've dropped [expectations] a bit if you start getting into the lists and it's numerous things."

Bush Hager wants to teach her kids that they can't always get what they want, but it's not like her kids, who include son Henry "Hal" Harold, 3, and daughters Mila, 9, and Poppy Louise, 7, aren't getting any exciting Christmas gifts this year.

The morning talk show host told Kotb later in the interview that her family will adopt a kitten as a special gift for her oldest daughter, Mila.

Bush Hager said of the Christmas gift categories she prefers most, "I'm more towards experiences. "We're interested in the experiences, whether it's a fun trip, a concert, or something else. Don't let anyone know, but I believe we're going to adopt a kitten."

She said, "[Mila] wants to name her Hollywood Hager and call her Holly," saying her daughter "sort of knows" because she has been "pray[ing], writing, and hoping," and when I responded, "Well, I hope Santa..." she replied, "Oh no Mom, this is a gift from you."

Hager said of the choice to acquire a cat, "There's only so far you can push," adding that Maya has been requesting to adopt a cat for "years."

"I believe she is just so prepared. She is eager for the responsibility and says, "Mom, when I have a kitten, I'm really going to put it here,”” Hager said Bush.

She claimed that when they were in first grade, she and her twin sister Barbara Pierce Bush each chose their first pets—cats with the names Cowboy and Willard—for Christmas.

Bush Hager stated, "We each received one," and her family "is going to start with one [for now]."

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