Jamie Foxx wellbeing update: Entertainer seen sailing on Chicago Stream

Jamie Foxx wellbeing update: Entertainer seen sailing on Chicago Stream

Updated on July 11, 2023 18:18 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Was that Jamie Foxx on the boat real, or just a body double? On July 9, a video was shared and guaranteed that the Oscar-winning entertainer disclosed his most memorable appearance since his hospitalization in April for a secretive disease. They said he was seen with other guests on a boat on the Chicago River.

The update continues. On July 10, Jamie Foxx tweeted that he had a good time on the boat and asked for blessings. However, as they suspected it was not the "real Jamie," but rather the actor's body double, netizens caused a stir on social media. 

Several accounts dispersed

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Netizens began to suspect that the actor's body double, not the real Jamie Foxx, was on the boat in the Chicago River as soon as the video was shared. A similar news source indicates that certain individuals have seen Jamie raising a ruckus around town, driving reach throughout the end of the week. 

One of them likewise said, "He was strolling standard, not hauling his leg. He was like any other Jamie, and his arm movement was unquestionably good. Regardless of a couple of recordings distributed, netizens keep on griping that Foxx's body was twofold in all the photographs and not Foxx himself.

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Requirement of new life

One of the online comments went as follows: "As soon as I saw that video of Jamie Foxx yesterday, my first thought was how long it would take the Q morons to claim that it was either doctored film or a body double." I estimate less than 24 hours. These individuals require a new life."

Jamie, this is not real," said another. Ideally, it is Jamie Foxx however 480p precarious cam film from 50+ yards away doesn't demonstrate it him. Especially when his body double is nearly identical to him," a third individual tweeted.

Getting back to normal life

A fourth person stated, "If Jamie Foxx is okay, he will do an interview, he will be photographed in a restaurant, or he will be photographed with Will Smith." No one knows when this video was taken; it may be his body twofold. No one will accept he is all right until he is evaluated with the current date."

Be that as it may, indistinct well-being refreshes about Jamie Foxx have been going around since his hospitalization. Time can only distinguish between the real and the fake. In the meantime, Jamie Foxx will appear in They Cloned Tyrone. John Boyega stars as well. The film is set to deliver on July 21.

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