From 'Deadpool' to Wales: Ryan Reynolds' Jaw-Dropping $1.8 Million Purchase Will Leave You Speechless!

From 'Deadpool' to Wales: Ryan Reynolds' Jaw-Dropping $1.8 Million Purchase Will Leave You Speechless!

Updated on August 26, 2023 11:15 AM by admin

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds has recently made headlines for purchasing a $1.8 million house in Marford, a small Welsh village, following his investment in Wrexham FC. Reynolds, along with fellow actor Rob McElhenney, bought the struggling football club back in 2020 and has since pumped in $10.2 million into the team, in hopes of securing promotion to the Football League.

This move has made Reynolds a local hero in the area, and the purchase of his new property in Marford is a testament to his commitment to the team and the community. The Hollywood A-lister will be shifting from his lavish $5.3 million New York home, where he resides with his wife Blake Lively and their four children, to the small village of Marford, just five miles away from the football ground.

Reynolds' move has created a buzz among the locals, with many excited about the prospect of having a Hollywood star in their midst. According to a source quoted by, Ryan's house is on the poshest road in the area, and the red carpet will be rolled out when the actor comes to town.

It is worth noting that Wrexham FC is part of the National League, which is the fifth tier of the English football league system, and the team's bid for promotion has been a challenging one. Nevertheless, the investment from Reynolds and McElhenney has given the team a much-needed boost, and they currently stand in the mid-table of the National League standings.

Reynolds' move to Marford is not the only thing making headlines in the world of entertainment and sports. Recently, WWE wrestler Bayley made headlines after she suffered a torn ACL injury during training, which has ruled her out for the foreseeable future. In politics, Kamala Harris made history after becoming the first female Vice President of the United States. Meanwhile, Sandra Bullock welcomed a new baby to her family, and fans of the John Wick franchise eagerly await the release of the fourth installment of the action-packed movie series.

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