Franchise Poking Fun After That Jamie Lee Curtis Open To Starring In Marvel Movie

Franchise Poking Fun After That Jamie Lee Curtis Open To Starring In Marvel Movie

Updated on July 22, 2022 13:03 PM by Ava Sara

Jamie Lee Curtis Is Open To Join The Marvel Cinematic Universe

In the third and final season of her Audible podcast Letters from Camp, the actress, 63, shares her thoughts about potentially making a Marvel movie after previously poking fun at the massive franchise earlier this year.

Back in May, Curtis compared her alternate universe–focused film Everything Everywhere All at Once with Marvel's Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in an Instagram post, joking that her film out marvels any Marvel movie they put out there.

Now, Curtis says, she has nothing against Marvel as an entity. I've seen a lot of Marvel movies.

She was talking about that Everything Everywhere All at Once was a little movie that could tell a multiverse story that touched people, she continues. What she was trying to talk about was it doesn't have to be a Marvel movie to be a spectacle and to move you.

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Curtis Copycat Doctor Strange 2 Strangers

In her social media post from May, Curtis posted a side-by-side of the two movie's posters, calling out Doctor Strange 2's as a "copycat" and playfully teasing, "Is this one of those Internet feuds? I'll say we would Slay in a family feud contest with the Doctor Strange strangers.

Curtis then posted an image of a New York Times review of Doctor Strange by A.O. Scott that compared it to Everything Everywhere All at Once, which had more wit and imagination, according to the critic. She ended her post with the hashtag: "#guessiwillneverbecastinamarvelmovie."

Curtis says she's maybe the most competitive person on the planet and notes it was so interesting that, of course, we were up against a big Marvel movie.

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The Superhero Film Company With Marveled Marvel

Maybe Jamie felt like stirring up a little friendly competition, the Halloween Ends actress adds with a laugh. She means she thinks we out-marveled Marvel. And you can't have a Marvel company without somebody making fun of it and calling it Marvel-less.

While Curtis is open to working with the superhero film company in the future, she isn't holding her breath to get a call anytime soon.

Honestly, she can't imagine they will ever come calling because she kicked up some dust," she admits. But I'm a collaborating artist.

She works with many people on many different things, and if the role was exciting and she could bring what I do to it, Jamie would work with Marvel. What am I going to do? Say no? Of course!

But, Curtis continues, she would find it hard to imagine that Marvel will figure out something to do with a 64-year-old woman.

Curtis Marvel Movie-Making Format

Curtis also says the Marvel movie-making format might not be best for her process: I'm afraid if I do a Marvel movie, they will stick dots all over me and make me act alone in a warehouse.

Everything Everywhere All at Once was the most unexpected, delightful experience of my career because the expectations were so low. She was so accessible at work and had a blast making it. And there was no green screen!

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