Elon Musk Said Apple Never Claimed Taking Out Twitter From App Store

Elon Musk Said Apple Never Claimed Taking Out Twitter From App Store

Updated on December 01, 2022 12:19 PM by Andrew Koschiev

The Misunderstanding About Twitter 

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Elon Musk has posted an update claiming that he met Apple Inc. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook cleared the misunderstanding about Twitter possibly being removed from the App Store.

Elon Musk said the Apple CEO was "clear that Apple is never possibly doing so."

Elon Musk Shared Video 

While sharing a video from Apple's Head Quarter, Musk wrote, "Thanks, tim_cook, for taking him around Apple's beautiful HQ. We solved the misunderstanding about Twitter possibly being taken out of the App Store. Tim Cook was clear that Apple never considered doing so."

The remarks contradicted Musk's claims earlier this week when he claimed Apple of intimidating to block Twitter from its app store without clarifying why in many tweets that also said the iPhone design had stopped ads on the social media platform.

He had later mentioned Cook's Twitter ID in another tweet, asking, "what's going on here?"

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Content Moderation Demands 

The billionaire CEO of Twitter and Tesla had said Apple was influencing Twitter over content moderation demands. 

Apple operates an important gateway for Twitter users: the App Store. If Elon Musk's firm had lost to that, it would have cut off from more than 1.5 billion devices worldwide.

Ahead of Twitter Blue's reinitiation, the firm's $8-per-month subscription offering, Musk also aimed Apple's revenue share agreement for the App Store. 

The Secret 

"Did you know Apple puts a confidential 30% tax on everything you purchase through their App Store?" Musk wrote.

Musk has tweeted that if Twitter is pulled out from the Apple and Google app stores, he will design another phone that could work with the platform. Fans of the idea and its detractors have begun calling it the "Tesla phone".

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