Dan Price's net worth

Dan Price's net worth

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A well-known American entrepreneur

Dan Price is a well-known American entrepreneur who served as the company's co-founder and CEO. In 2015, he became well-known for cutting his own income by $1.1 million to fund a $70,000 compensation floor for his employees. After pleading not guilty to minor charges of assault and reckless driving in May 2022, Dan resigned as CEO of Gravity Payments on August 17. In 2022, Dan Price has a net worth of around $12 million.

Early Life

The 13th of May, 1984, was the day Dan Price was born in Lansing, Michigan. When he was born, he was Ron Price's fourth of six children. When he was still a little child, his family relocated to Nampa. Dan did not attend school until he was 12 years old when he began homeschooling. Later, he attended Nampa Christian High School, a private institution.

When Dan was a senior in high school, he joined the Christian punk rock band Straightforward and began playing bass guitar for them. After a venue owner complained about the band's excessive credit card processing rates, he shifted his attention to the credit card processing industry. After that, he dropped the prices to meet the owner halfway, After relocating to Seattle, he enrolled at Seattle Pacific University. By 2008, he had finished his studies at Seattle Pacific University and received his diploma.

In 2004, Dan Price launched his own merchant services company under the name Price & Price. At the time in question, he was enrolled at Seattle Pacific University as a student. Together with his older brother, Lucas, he established the corporation, and Lucas was the one to offer the initial seed capital for the new enterprise. In 2006, Price was promoted to the position of CEO of the company. After that, in 2008, he and his brother renegotiated their own part in the company and changed the name of the business to Gravity Payments.

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In March 2015, his brother filed a lawsuit alleging that Dan had overpaid himself and was also oppressing minority shareholders. The lawsuit stated that Dan had engaged in overpaying himself. In addition to this, it was alleged that he had excluded his brother from significant business decisions involving the company. In April 2015, he informed employees of Gravity Payments that he would be raising the minimum compensation for those positions to $70,000. He also disclosed that he would be cutting his own income, which had previously been $1.1 million, down to $70,000.

After the news of the pay raise, Dan became well-known. He started to be on the covers of magazines and on a lot of different TV shows. Dan was making about $10,000 a year by giving speeches at public events. In an interview with business magazine Inc. in November 2015, he said that he had sold all of his shares, taken out mortgages on two properties, and emptied his retirement accounts.
Dan said on the Today show in August 2016 that he only rents out his house during the summer. He also said that the decision to rent out his house wasn't made only because he needed money.

In March 2020, Dan said that his plan to raise pay was a success for his company. On August 17, 2022, Dan quit his job as CEO of Gravity Payments. He told his staff that he was stepping down as CEO because he was going to fight false accusations against him full-time.

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Price’s personal Life

Kristie Colon was married to Dan Price (nee Lewellyn). In 2005, he got married to Kristine, who is now his ex-wife. In 2012, they got divorced and split up. On August 23, 2022, his ex-wife went on Good Morning America and said that he had hit her and tried to choke her during their seven years of marriage. She told him about the events in October 2015, when she was at the University of Kentucky to record a TEDx talk.

On the other hand, Dan completely denied that she had been abused and said that the things she had said had never happened. In August 2022, he was accused of rape by a model and his ex-girlfriend, Kacie Margis.

In February 2022, a young woman said he tried to forcefully kiss her, so he was charged with misdemeanor assault with a sexual motive and careless driving. But his lawyer said the woman was lying, and the charge of assault with a sexual motive was later dropped. He finally said he wasn't guilty of the other two charges on May 31.

Net Worth

As of 2022, it is thought that Dan Price has a net worth of about $12 million. He is also involved in business, and in April 2020, his first book, Worth It, will come out. Dan self-published the book in April 2020, after his ex-wife beat him up and he lost a $500,000 book deal with Viking Press.


Q:  Who is Dan Price?

Ans:  Dan Price is a well-known American entrepreneur who served as the company's co-founder and CEO.

Q:  When did Dan launch Price and Price?

Ans:  In 2004, Dan Price launched his merchant services company under the name Price & Price. At the time in question, he was enrolled at Seattle Pacific University as a student.

Q:  What was the case on him filed by a girl in Feb 2022? 

Ans: In February 2022, he was charged with misdemeanour assault with a sexual motive and reckless driving after a young woman claimed he attempted to kiss her forcibly. However, his attorney asserted that the woman was lying, and the charge of sexually motivated assault was eventually dropped. On May 31, he eventually stated that he was not guilty of the last two accusations.

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