Criminal Minds Evolution’s Zach Gilford Would Be Co-Starring With His Wife

Criminal Minds Evolution’s Zach Gilford Would Be Co-Starring With His Wife

Updated on November 25, 2022 12:49 PM by Laura Mendes

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Criminal Minds Evolution is a family phenomenon for Zach Gilford. The Friday Night Lights cast is joined by his wife, Kiele Sanchez, in paramount plus black Friday, Hulu black Friday, and Peacock Criminal Minds Reboot, which returned with two new episodes on Nov. 24. And while this may be News to fans of the couple, Gilford exclusively opened up to News that he too was surprised with the casting during production.

He was actually on his way to work, he exclusively told News. He was kissing his wife goodbye, and she looked at her phone and went, Oh, he just got an offer to play his wife on Criminal Minds season 16.

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The Cast includes Paget brewster, Matthew Gray Gubler, and Joe Mantegna. For the instalment of New Criminal Minds, Gilford plays Elias Voit, an operations analyst for a global cyber-security firm with a dark side and a delusion about death, as the streamer narrates. And, in the concluding moments of episode two, it was opened up that The Glades actress plays Elias' unsuspicious wife.

As per Gilford, he stayed tight-lipped about the possible collaboration at work until it was done. And it is seen that the Criminal Minds Evolution producers were equally close-mouthed as they developed Elias as a character.

They were like; they didn't want to say anything to him because they did not want to impose coercion on his family, he recalled. They needed to figure out how fleshed out the character would be. And when he signed on, they were like, Maybe they can convince Kiele to do it since Zach's already doing it?

Acting Of Criminal Minds Cast

Expect Sanchez to have a prominent acting in Criminal Minds Reboot, as Gilford teased that her involvement took their characters to new heights. They fleshed her character out more," he continued. "She would come to it and be like, she thinks she would be a stronger woman, or she thinks she would handle it this way.

He added that he thinks since they were able to get her, they have made that character much more prominent.

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