Christina Ricci’s In “Wednesday” And The Breakdown Of How The “Addmas Family” Star Fits In A Netflix Series

Christina Ricci’s In “Wednesday” And The Breakdown Of How The “Addmas Family” Star Fits In A Netflix Series

Updated on November 24, 2022 15:35 PM by Laura Mendes

Is it invariably the ones you least surmise? After leading Wednesday Addams to life as a kid, Christina Ricci turned it up with her incredible act in Netflix's Wednesday.

The actress earlier got her breakout role playing the moody kid in 1991's The Addams Family and its various seasons, Addams Family Values. Ricci later surged about the influence that the ordeal had on her.

She said to the A.V. Club in June 2018 that those films have greatly impacted her career and life. She devoured much of her childhood working on and upgrading them and has spent the rest of her life talking about them.

The Yellowjackets star added that both of the Addams Family movies are vast in her history. Wednesday, she feels very inextricably bound to her because she feels, like, who can say how much impact being that person at that age for the amount of time that she was her, the amount of positive reinforcement from playing that character. It is like a chicken-or-egg debate: Did she impact her as a role, or did she as a character influence her personality?"

Netflix later developed their iteration, which explored the iconic character as a teenager at Nevermore Academy. The story, released in November 2022, presented Jenna Ortega in the role of Wednesday. Ricci, for her part, emerged in the first season as Ms Marilyn Thornhill.

According to Ortega, the costars understood their connection to Wednesday. "She did not pick her brain," she shared during an interview with Entertainment Tonight that same month. "It was weird, like an unspoken agreement that they had. When they first locked eyes, they were just thinking."

The Scream star said that it was scary" to share parts with the Sleepy Hollow actress; she also added, "Because it's like, she is observing what it is, what you are doing, and it is one of her more popular characters, and she is created quite the legacy to live up to. And the series is very reminiscent of her take. It just moves to show that there is respect there."

The Golden Globe winner but found the adventure "super fun" after filming the first season. "She was really excited to work with Tim Burton again," Ricci exclusively told U.S. Weekly in October 2022. "Jenna is so good and so amazing in this part and was so great to work with. And so it was really lovely."

Who Did Christina Ricci Play in the "Addams Family" Movies?

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The California native rose to stardom after acting as Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family beside Anjelica Huston and Raul Julia. Ricci is back for the remake, Addams Family Values, which also has Joan Cusack and David Krumholtz as new cast members.

How Did 'Wednesday' Present Christina Ricci?

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In the Netflix series, viewers were present to the Casper actor as Wednesday's cytology mam and dorm mom. Ms Thornhill was there to advise the new student as she adjusted to life at Nevermore.

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