Chris Rock had that slap coming his slap - Here is the reason

Chris Rock had that slap coming his slap - Here is the reason

Updated on February 22, 2023 17:16 PM by Andrew Koschiev

As people say, some things take time to rot and disappear. Why are we saying this here? The moment shared by Chris Rock and Will Smith will exist in history! Or so we might say. Many are yet to come out of this episode that happened last year.

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It was so dramatic that people thought it was scripted. They hit the reality button only after how stunned Rock was. The entire Hollywood gathered over there looked stunned. Not only did many sympathize with Rock’s identity, but also portrayed Smith as a ‘dangerously violent Black man’ who has difficulty managing his anger. 
ong time. 

Though violence is not a good approach to things, picketing things towards Black women is also not gentlemanly behavior. Jada Pinkett-Smith has been facing this scrutiny from Rock for a long time. In fact, Rock seems to find a sense of ease while making fun of people, Black Women in general. In his most comedic approach, Rock has always found a way to tease and antagonize Black women in general. 

Many TikTok and YouTubers are consistently pointing out how intriguing it is to keep hearing Rock taunting Black women. 

Google still holds the higher results for articles defending Chris rather than articles defending Jada against Rock. With this, it is clear that people are more lenient towards a person’s freedom to speak about things and are less worried about the feelings of the opposite party in this scenario Black women. 

It all started from 1997

Rock had this slap coming his way a long time ago, has become the most famous saying now. The 2022 Oscars wasn’t the first time Rock has picked his fight with Jada. It started in the 1997 Million Women's March when she participated to support Black women's equality. Being married to a Black woman and having two gorgeous Black daughters, Rock still finds it fascinating to make fun of people, mainly Black women. 
When Jada chose to boycott the 2016 Oscars due to the lack of diversity in the Oscar Academy, Rock was the first to comment on that. ‘Jada is out of her mind, and says she is not coming. She boycotting the Oscars is like me boycotting Rihanna’s panties. As I was not invited.’

Good Hair - Chris Rock’s documentary

Amidst his judgemental behavior towards Black women, Chris released his documentary called Good Hair. In this, he gave supremacy to white women and made Black women the subject of unwanted scrutiny and criticism. 
As women, choosing to use chemical straighteners and wearing hair extensions doesn't mean that we look to match the standards of a white female. It is about how a Black woman is forced into assimilation as we are routinely differentiated for wearing our natural hair. Women irrespective of their skin tone have the freedom to choose how they want to look. 
Rock even had the audacity to run his finger down Oprah’s hair to check if it was legit. People did not seem to accept that act of his and he received a huge backlash for it.

Chris Rock and his punch lines

Chris Rock finds it easier to target Black women, and he makes sure his punch line revolves around that. In 2016, he described that because of his ‘bad behavior,’ he went through a divorce and called himself a ‘piece of sh*t’ in one of his comedy dramas as he cheated on his ex-wife Malaak Compton. 

This did not put an end to his brigade and in 2018’s special, Tamborine mentioned that Black women ‘act’ in a relationship that caused rigor among audiences.

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