Candiace-dillard Bassett Sues' Rhop' 's Michael Darby For $2 Million

Candiace-dillard Bassett Sues' Rhop' 's Michael Darby For $2 Million

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A Real Housewives of Potomac episode in November allegedly uncovered allegations about the sex life of Michael Darby. Michael Darby is suing Candiace-Dillard Bassett for defamation. In a season 7 episode, Dillard-Bassett, 36, said that Michael "likes to leave you and go to a man named [censored] 's house and suck his d---," according to documents obtained. Darby filed a defamation lawsuit following the comment.

The statement by the lawyer

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The suit stated that Dillard-Bassett was not supposed to discuss Michael Darby in the episode, "but he told me that he is one of his clients." That's what you are asking since I was holding onto that information. In the document, Darby's lawyer asserts that, although Dillard-Bassett hesitated when making this statement, she uttered the defamatory statement intentionally despite warnings about its salaciousness. Under the laws of Virginia (where the Darbys live), Dillard-Bassett's statements are deemed to be an "incitement to violence and a breach of the peace" and, therefore ", actionable as insulting words."

Darby's compensation

A lawsuit filed by Darby's legal team alleges Dillard-Basett sparked "public scorn, hatred, humiliation, ridicule, contempt, and embarrassment," so the entrepreneur seeks $2 million. A $1 million compensatory damages award, a $1 million punitive damage award, interest, attorney's fees, and related costs are also sought. The attorney for Darby also stated in the documents that Dillard-Bassett " possessed knowledge that her statements were salacious, imprudent, and would harm Mr. Darby's reputation," and that the statements were "intentional and a result of [Dillard-Bassett] 's evident hatred and disdain for Mr Darby." Darby's lawyer also told the newspaper that Darby contacted his castmate on Jan. 17 and asked him not to publish or make any more defamatory statements about his client. In the filing, the defendant does not apologize or retract the defamatory statements she made.

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