Camila Cabello Got Emotional & Moved To Tears By Morgan Myles

Camila Cabello Got Emotional & Moved To Tears By Morgan Myles

Updated on December 13, 2022 18:00 PM by Dhinesh

Through ‘the voice,’ the top five singers strived hard to pull all the stops for a golden chance at musical glory. Team Blake kicked off the last round of the performance before the final Season 22 on Monday night, with a blissful voice of Harry Styles in ‘Late Night Talking.’

John Legend told Bodie, ‘I get the sense that you’ve a lot of vision for whom you’re an artist and you are able to decode the vision into performing onstage. It’s clear and quite compelling.

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Gwen Stefani Left Speechless with the performance of Brandon Lake 

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For the follow-up performance, Bodie gave gratitude to Brandon Lake, which left Gwen Stefani speechless. Stefani said, ‘You have a superpower within you. It is the truth. It comes from the pure faith that you believe in. There is a dimension that stimulates all of us. 

At the night's first performance, Morgan Myles with Team Camila enlightened the stage with a hotheaded concert in ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler.

Cabello said to Myles, ‘You made me want to cry throughout the performance. I just want this for you so badly. But you deserve to win ‘the Voice’’. Myles returned with a passionate and angsty rendition, insisting Legends say ‘the best country singer I have seen since I have been on ‘The Voice’’.

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Morgan Is an Original, Unique, and Versatile expression of Singer 

Cabello said, ‘Morgan is country, and she always has been, from the beginning, a unique, versatile and original expression of country. People will love her as she is authentic, she is vulnerable, and she is her type of country’. 

Team Blake, the singer of Brayden Lape, made things slower with a meek cover of Tim McGraw’s ‘Kind and Humble.’ Shelton told Lape, ‘I am not wondering to see you here in the final. You are following our hearts up to the moment right here. You are so much talent and so much in front of you.   

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