Beau Clara Chia & Gérard Piqué kicked out of a Japanese restaurant

Beau Clara Chia & Gérard Piqué kicked out of a Japanese restaurant

Updated on February 23, 2023 13:05 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Clara Chia and Gerard Piqué are experiencing massive backlash from fans following the disclosure of their affair. Their previous experiences with netizens on social media had led to them being asked to leave a restaurant when they attempted to dine in.

Creating controversy in the media

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Piqué has been facing backlash from everyone since parting ways with Shakira after they were together for over a decade. An earlier diss track by the pop star on the footballer further intensified the controversy. The Barcelona defender responded to the diss track by looking at it, causing controversies.

They have been in the media and paparazzi spotlight ever since Piqué and Clara met in public. A video circulating on TikTok shows Gerard Piqué and his girlfriend being thrown out of a Japanese restaurant in Barcelona because of their love for Shakira.

Leaving the restaurant, Piqué and Clara

Clara, Piqué's new love, got upset when the waiter refused to serve them, and she left the restaurant frustrated. Piqué and Clara leave the restaurant in the video below that circulated all over the internet. During a meal, Clara Chia Marti and Piqué went to a restaurant owned by an avid Shakira fan.

There has been no confirmation of the video, but it certainly appeared that both of them ate greedily. There were teams of Shakira and Gerard Piqué fans who fought each other in social media battles. There was no way anyone could have predicted that the social media brawl would end up over dinner.

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