‘Baby in Paradise’, Jade Roper shared heartbreaking news of her miscarriage

‘Baby in Paradise’, Jade Roper shared heartbreaking news of her miscarriage

Updated on August 14, 2023 17:13 PM by Andrew Koschiev

(‘Baby in Paradise’, Jade Roper shared heartbreaking news of her miscarriage\Image Credits:PlayUSA.com)

On Sunday, the 36-year-old star fame, Bachelor in Paradise shared news of her baby boy’s miscarriage on Instagram with millions of her followers.

In her details she shared how the fetus stopped growing thus she lost her baby but still her body is not able to accept this loss.

In her Instagram post she shared her cute little baby bump with a picture of her ultrasound which left her well-wishers in tears.

Jade still showing pregnancy symptoms

According to her insurance company, the placenta will keep on discharging hormones due to which she will keep on experiencing pregnancy symptoms.

She explained that with the baby's demise she is feeling heartbroken as she had started preparing for the baby's things and now all she has is grief, sorrow and loss.

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Best healthcare providers

According to her, the baby's heart stopped responding but her body has still not experienced delivery as she wants it to naturally happen. She further added that healthcare workers are taking care of her.

The baby was the pride of the family. Jade and her husband wanted to cherish and enjoy every moment of him together but God had some other plans.

In her last message on Instagram, she shared a picture with the baby's belly showing her love and piece of heart with him.

Beau, the pride of family

She named the unborn baby, ‘Beau’ and expressed how proud she is for carrying him and enjoying whatever is left of him.

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Celebrities also share their wishes

Her co actors and many other celebrities have sent her good wishes for her and prayers for her speedy recovery. They have mentioned her to be one of the greatest warriors for enduring this grief with such bravery.

Sarah Herron, member of Bachelors Nation’s son also died while delivering him at 24 months. She also shared her condolences with Roper saying she knows how painful it would be.

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Family of Jade and Taner

(Family of Jade and Taner\Image Credits:Bachelor Nation)

Roper and her husband Taner first met on TV show Bachelor in Paradise, where they got engaged afterwards. They got married soon and have 3 kids together.

Roper and Tolbert share one daughter, Emerson who is 5 and two sons, Brook and Reed who are 3 and 2 years old.


Roper had already gone through postpartum depression after she had her second child where she suffered from PPD for 6 months and explained that phase of her life was distressing.

Jade gave birth to her son naturally in her bedroom as she went early in the labor but shared the experience left her in awe even after months.

She actively shared her journey and her struggles being a mother on Instagram after her third baby but fans were disappointed as they thought she is being mean and selfish. Some of them even told her that they will unfollow her.

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