A transparent slip dress got Angelina Jolie all wet following a sexy dip in the ocean

A transparent slip dress got Angelina Jolie all wet following a sexy dip in the ocean

Updated on December 30, 2022 18:58 PM by Anna P

Angelina Jolie - People who know the world of cinema will know that Angelina Jolie is synonymous with it; her name does not need to be introduced to them. The diva in fashion is not just an actor; she is a global icon and diva. With those charming looks, the Wanted actress owns every genre she touches. She is one of those versatile actors who has done various films throughout her career, including action movies.

Angelina's wet pose picture

(Image Credits: Koimoi.com)

Amazingly, the actress entered Marvel's Cinematic Universe so late after making such a name for herself in action films. It is better late than never, but Jolie finally made her debut in Eternals. While the film received mixed reviews, Angelina was unquestionably one of the highlights.

In an old photo she came across online, she would make you feel like she was doing something even during the coldest months of the year. Angelina Jolie is wearing a white slip dress with spaghetti straps while standing in the water with her wet clothes in this throwback picture. Having been wet, her white dress became transparent, revealing her toned abs and voluptuous breasts.

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Stunning Angelina Jolie's makeup look

With the long dress almost completely wet with only a tiny bit of it dry, our hearts cried for not being able to be there for the queen as she stared into the void. Angelina Jolie had her eyebrows perfectly shaped, and her eyes sparkled with mascara. She wore a soft smoky eye and tinted lips. In addition to her long, dark hair, Angelina Jolie kept her hair combed back to reveal her exquisite assets. She looked amazing with contoured cheeks that lifted her head.

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