A shocked crowd gasps after Joy Behar blames Trump-voting Ohioans

A shocked crowd gasps after Joy Behar blames Trump-voting Ohioans

Updated on February 27, 2023 11:45 AM by Andrew Koschiev

As a result of the toxic train derailment that has devastated East Palestine, Ohio, Joy Behar shocked audience members on Thursday's instalment of "The View," which she hosted with co-host Joy Behar. Behar insinuated that former President Donald Trump's actions contributed to the devastating Feb. 3 derailment and caused audible gasps from the crowd. 

During the interview, 80-year-old Behar turned toward the camera with a pointed finger to protest that he had appointed someone with deep ties to the chemical industry to lead the EPA's chemical safety office. Because the East Palestine area voted for Trump, Joy Behar believes the residents shouldn't blame anyone but themselves for the toxic train derailment.

Hostin's comment went unanswered by the crowd

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"You voted for Donald Trump, who reduces every safety." After Bahr pointed the finger at Trump, co-host Sunny Hostin joked, "I think Trump is at fault", just before the show panned to commercials. Although the crowd gasped at Bahr's finger-pointing, the crowd had no response to Hostin's comment. 

It had been discussed how politicians responded to the train derailment — Water and soil were contaminated, and a train derailed, contaminating 1.1 million gallons. Behar claimed Trump's visit to the community Wednesday was an "opportunistic photo-op". 

The heat increased as the topic progressed

In a visit to the Ohio town, Trump handed out "Trump Water" and bought McDonald's for residents and emergency crew members in addition to condemning Biden for not visiting. Joy Behar said, "He makes a mistake, and then he shows up." The topic became increasingly heated as Behar got increasingly heated, especially after co-host Alyssa Farah-Griffin pointed out that Trump won the 2020 election by about 40 points over Biden. 

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