A good actor! Margot Robbie gets a role to match her talent!

A good actor! Margot Robbie gets a role to match her talent!

Updated on November 25, 2022 21:51 PM by Ava Sara

Margot Robbie opened up about when she realized she was a good actor. She is an Australian actor who has a well-known name in Hollywood. Margot was only sometimes confident in her acting ability. Margot said, ‘She didn’t believe she was a good actor until she watched herself in I Tonya.

Margot felt good enough!

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Margot Robbie said, ‘I Tonya was the first time I watched a movie and went, OK, I'm a good actor. She felt good enough to be ready for my idols, including director Quentin Tarantino for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. 

She appeared in a BAFTA. On November 22, at an event in London, 'A Life In Pictures, she discussed her role as figure skater Tonya Harding in the 2017 black comedy biopic. Margot shed light on a major scene from another of her movies that were not originally in the script and explained why she took the role in Bombshell

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Best actor to be!

  • ‘I Tonya’ follows the life and career of Harding and her connection with the 1994 attack on her rival skater Nancy Kerrigan. 
  • In 2017, she also received an Oscar nomination for Best Actress, while Allison Janney played Tonya's abusive mother and won the award for Best Supporting Actress. 
  • In the 2019 film, Once Upon a Time...In Hollywood, the actor explains that her reaching out to Tarantino led to her role as Sharon Tate
  • In The Wolf Of Wall Street, Robbie played the wife of Jordan Belfort, Naomi Lapaglia, her breakthrough role in Martin Scorsese. She said, ‘She almost quit acting after her awful experience with fame’. 

Robbie told me about her acting experience!

Robbie said, 'Something was happening in those early stages, and it was all pretty awful. Also added, 'I remember saying to my mom, 'I don't think I want to do this' She just looked at me, completely straight-faced, and was like, 'Darling, I think it's too late not to. That's when I realized the only way was forward. 

Robbie added, ‘I know how to go through airports, and now I know who’s trying to fuck me over in what ways. She mentioned that working with Tarantino was a bucket list for me.

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