A bad virus kept Whoopi Goldberg off The View this week

A bad virus kept Whoopi Goldberg off The View this week

Updated on February 25, 2023 16:08 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Whoopi Goldberg has been battling illnesses as she co-hosted The View in the past week. Joy Behar, 67, announced at the beginning of Thursday's show that Whoopi is still out sick. "She has a bad virus," she explained. She has been absent for the third day. 'She'll be back next week,' Behar said

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The star of a daytime talk show was ill.

In a statement on Wednesday, Behar said, "Whoopi is still coughing. I'm sorry you're stuck with us. She has a bad cold." "Those colds are going around." Sunny Hostin added, "It seems like they're going around." On Tuesday, her first day absent, Black Panther actor Michael B. Jordan began his segment by wishing her well: "Shout out to Whoopi. Mwah! Get well."

The ABC daytime talk show star was stricken a few times last year. According to Entertainment Weekly, Goldberg contracted COVID-19 again in November 2022, leaving him out of the show for a long time. A new moderator took over for Goldberg, Sara Haines. Hostin, Ana Navarro, and Alyssa Farah Griffin joined her as new co-hosts.

Goldberg missed several episodes.

After testing positive after the Christmas holiday break in 2022, Goldberg missed a few episodes. In the live stream, she informed her fellow co-hosts that she had been experiencing mild symptoms over the break and had taken some rest. Despite being triple-vaccinated, and have not been anywhere or doing anything, Goldberg said he was shocked. The shock comes from doing everything I should have, he said.

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