Ways To Keep Indoor Cats Entertained And Amused

Ways To Keep Indoor Cats Entertained And Amused

Updated on October 20, 2022 17:28 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Everyone wants their pets to have long, healthy lives. And it's crucial for indoor cats to regularly engage in focused playtime with their owner to get the proper amount of mental and physical stimulation.

In order to combat boredom in even the most sedentary cats, we've included several techniques that any cat owners may employ to keep their indoor cat content and stimulated.

Play chasing

Even in their adult years, cats still enjoy the game of being chased. A cat will frequently stand at one end of a corridor, take a few steps away, and then turn to face you. This indicates that they want to be chased. Cats usually communicate their displeasure with how closely you are pursuing them or when they've had enough by making noises. It's crucial that your cat's tail is constantly up when you play this game since that indicates that she/he is having fun. If they are running away in panic, it can indicate that their tail is down.

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Chat time

Talking is the most advantageous interaction between you and your cat, claims Curiosity Killed The's Beth Adelman, a Certified Feline Behaviour Consultant. While it may not appear like play, according to Adelman, your cat finds great significance in it. This is crucial for cats who dislike being stroked and promotes trust between the cat and its owner. Get close to your cat and speak to him or her at a normal conversational distance, just like you would with a buddy. Adelman advises that all that matters is that you talk gently, in a high-pitched voice, and frequently use your cat's name.

 Regularly switch out the toys

Cats require variety, just like people do. Therefore, it's crucial to switch up the toys they play with to keep them engaged. Cats love balls of yarn and crumpled bits of paper just as much as they love specially made cat toys like feather wands, toy mice, and balls that emit sounds. Cats are generally simple to please2.

Toy rotation is an excellent concept, and you should always put the kids' toys away after playing is over. Your cat will get bored with its toys if they are always available. Always throw away crumpled paper and paper bags after playtime to prevent them from endangering your cherished pet.

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Online Cat Games

Did you know that there are now cat-specific apps for tablets? While the moving mice, fish, and other creatures on the screen won't provide your cat with much of a physical workout and should only be used occasionally, they will undoubtedly pique their curiosity.

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An article from Nutr3 claims that cats enjoy the game of fetch much as dogs do. Make sure the toy you choose is small enough for your cat to carry in their jaws and can be thrown to the opposite side of the room. Encourage your cat to bring the toy back to you once it has been caught because it might not come naturally to them.

Your cat will appreciate playing fetch just as much as a dog if you reward it with nutritious treats and affection.

Make hiding spots for your cat

Cats like to conceal and leap out at prey when acting as predators. By draping a towel over your coffee table, investing in a play tunnel, or even just utilizing a cardboard box, you may give your cat somewhere to hide. Watch your cat try to pounce to capture the toys by luring them with a toy beside the entrance to its preferred hiding spot.

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Reflection Play

Reflections in the light are a cat's favorite toy. You can easily entice your cat to leave the couch by catching the light with a CD, watch, or other reflecting object and letting it fall low on a wall or the ground. Laser pointers should be avoided, as they can harm your cat's eyes.

It's crucial that you engage in vigorous play with your cat in addition to light play. When they try to capture anything but are never successful, it can be very upsetting for them. Use something they can catch before you decide to end playtime for the day.


Include some items to keep your cat entertained if they spend a lot of time at home alone. A single scratching post is a need. Cats enjoy scratching, and it gives them a lot of activity. A climbing frame is a fantastic alternative. Cats like to climb and like travel and explore vertically.

Cats love to play with toys you can stuff with treats, and they can keep themselves entertained for hours by trying to get the sweets out.

Playing with your cat for 10 to 15 minutes a day will keep them happy and healthy and improve your bond with your furry best friend.

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