This 'Incredible Bond' between a cat and a dog melts online hearts

This 'Incredible Bond' between a cat and a dog melts online hearts

Updated on April 04, 2022 11:23 AM by Ava Sara

Best friends!

A video of a cat and dog who are best friends has melted hearts online after going viral on TikTok.Social media user heyitslee_bekind shared the adorable clip a week ago that shows her feline Twig and canine Meadow curled up on the couch.

The text reads

"I took Meadow to pick out a kitty the day after my service pooch passed in 2020. I'm happy I did. These two have been best companions ever since," the text reads.Canine training site Clicker Training says that these friendships between cats and dogs aren't that unusual.

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The site reported

The site reported, "Even though they differ in some major areas, there are other areas where cats and dogs are similar. A dog and cat may develop a close friendship, sharing a bed, eating each other's food, and playing together."More than 3.3 million viewers viewed this adorable clip, and it gained thousands of likes and comments.

TikTok user commented

One of the TikTok users wrote, "The love they have for each other is incredible. If people could be like this, the world would be the best place."Another user said, "Well, my heart just melted," One viewer wrote: "They very much needed each other!"

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The clip shows!

The video shows Meadow the dog, a German Shepard, and Treeing Walker Coonhound cross has her paw over grey kitten Twig, who is patting and licking her canine friend.The APPA reports that around 69 million households in the U.S. own at least one canine, making them the most widely owned pet.

Second most popular pet

Felines were the second most popular pet, with around 45.3 million households reporting having a cat friend. According to the APPA, in 2021, around 70 percent of American households owned a pet, an increase of approximately 25 percent since 1988.

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