The owner of the stolen dogs asks for their safe return.

The owner of the stolen dogs asks for their safe return.

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Huge reward for the return of dogs

On Wednesday, March 23, the homeowner was at work when 11 dogs were stolen, and she was devastated. I don't know who would do this to me, she said. Jeanine Nesvik expressed her love for dogs through videos in which she is offering a $10,000 reward. A thief breached the fence in Nesvik's backyard and broke into her home near Alma School and Warner roads. She has her dogs, but she also fosters several dogs who have medical issues. Ten in total - four personal and seven fostering dogs - were taken in by her.

Police are waiting for the information

Someone physically robbed me, and my dogs were stolen by someone who physically entered my house. They decided what to take from me, and no way around it; it was not right. The Chandler Police Department is looking for anyone with information about the incident at 480-782-4130. She said that some of my dogs, some of my medical dogs, and foster dogs on medication are expected to be adopted soon, so they have not been receiving their medication. "There have been a lot of dogs taken. I need to know that the dogs are OK. I need Someone who knows what to do."

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The reward for those who locate the missing pets

There is a reward to be offered to a family who can locate missing pets. Even though everyone returned home from work that evening, Gemma and Toby were not home when everyone returned to their homes.Two Affenpinschers belonging to a Chandler woman were stolen from her home Tuesday morning near Cooper and Ray roads. The crooks poked open the vent to break into the garage and managed to squeeze through the small space.

Name of the stolen dogs

Several dog shows have been won by Lizzie and Georgie, the stolen dogs. They hurt an older woman who loves dogs, said Lisa Carpenter. They took what they could take from my family and me.

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