Without her puppies, the mother dog will not eat a meal

Without her puppies, the mother dog will not eat a meal

Updated on April 04, 2022 15:26 PM by Ella Bina

Brought food by volunteers   

 A dog living in the forest has been given food by the volunteers and refuses to eat until she is led into her puppies.  This feeding video has become viral video since, no matter what, the living being's mother's love and care are more than anything. The adorable paws YouTube channel has posted this viral video, and the video has almost millions of views. 

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 The mother dog  

 The mother dog stood by the other dogs ate the dry food, and she was with the other dogs and left on the ground for them. Where the litter of puppies emerged from the trees, and they have been running to their mom with love. 

  Maternal instincts by a mother dog  

A piece written for the American kennel club discussed the maternal instincts in mother dogs.  The puppies are between three to four weeks old, and they begin their transition to eating solid foods as opposed to nursing. 

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 Period of puppies  

And there is a period of puppies stay with their mother as they are separated. On day one, she was very protective, but she would let others near her babies after the days.

 The mother dog didn't have an appetite   

 When the mother dog leaves her, she doesn't have an appetite when volunteers leave food for her. Since the mother dog wanted to eat with her puppies, we walked her to the forest, and she took us to her puppies. This was the most heart-touching moment for us. 

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