A woman's ear was severed by a crab during the horrible moment

A woman's ear was severed by a crab during the horrible moment

Updated on April 01, 2022 18:26 PM by Andrew Koschiev

The small crab  

The crab has been removed in the tik tok video from the woman's ear, and it is viral with more than two million views.  the text over the video said that the woman was snorkeling in San Juan when the crab got into her ear whoever is watching the video might feel tremendous pain since the entry of the crab into the ears. 

 While the other 

 Some of them who watched the video said they might wear earplugs in the water during the vacation.  According to open water HQ, earplugs can help swimmers prevent ear infections. 

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 Those who plan for snorkeling   

 The piece stated that the simple snorkeling activities and the regular swimming earplugs would be sufficient. With the earplugs option, we can switch to many possibilities. Instead, they can be foldable earplugs or regular earplugs. And the foldable one can be folded according to the swimmer's ear. 

 Pair of metal forceps   

 Another person gradually used a pair of metal forceps to coax the small crab out of fear.  There the user suggested the warning given by the team for guiding the earplug. 

 A bit of time taken   

 It takes time for the viewers to find the crab in the ears of the woman, but the video is more disgusting than we saw.  the crab just squinted from the woman's ear and just felt in the environment this shouldn't happen again. 

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