The fatal accident occurred on Lithia County Road 672 in Florida

The fatal accident occurred on Lithia County Road 672 in Florida

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What happened to the reptile?

Authorities said that an 11-foot alligator in a Florida roadway slammed into a man's car early Thursday morning, killing him. According to the Hillsborough County At Hopkins, 59, Sheriff's Office plowed into the reptile about 12:30 a.m. as he drove eastbound on County Road 672 in Lithia.

Officials say that the alligator is dead

A passing motorist spotted Hopkins' car in a ditch and called 911 once they saw it overturned. A sheriff's spokesman tells The Post that Hopkins' car got off the road and overturned. According to sheriff's officials, the 11-foot Alligators also died in the wreck. According to Villarreal, deputies arriving at the crash site may be captured on camera by investigators are continuing the investigation. Hopkins was pronounced dead at the scene.

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Who is Hopkin?

In an attempt to contact Hopkins' relatives, we could not do so. Hopkins' Facebook page indicated he was Tennessee-born and worked for the US Census Bureau as an information technology supervisor. A motorist named Hopkins hit an alligator on County Road 672 while driving home from Lithia, the Tampa Bay Times reported. The car Hopkins was driving went off the road and ended up in a ditch. Hopkins lives in Lithia.

Sudden happening made everything wrong

Villarreal said it is unclear where the apex predator came from. Still, the crash site is just 2 miles from the apex predator's known roaming grounds in the Alafia River State Park, reported the Miami Herald. Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission estimate that Florida has 1.3 million alligators spread throughout its 67 counties.

Reptile's measurement

According to the state agency, the giant gator recorded in the state was 14 feet, 3 1/2 inches long and weighed 1,043 pounds. A commission report estimates that alligators inhabit all of Florida's counties, with 1.3 million. According to the Miami Herald, alligators are known to live in Alafia River State Park, a The 6,312-acre park is known for many alligators. Investigators have not said how the alligator got onto the road. The police were contacted by a motorist who noticed the car and called the authorities.

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