Techniques for keeping your dog occupied when you are sick

Techniques for keeping your dog occupied when you are sick

Updated on October 21, 2022 16:46 PM by Michael Davis

It's okay to call in sick when you're feeling under the weather; your employer will understand. A canceled night out on the town will not be a big deal among your buddies. Your significant other will understand if you need to cancel a dinner reservation. However, your dog probably won't understand if you have to skip his daily stroll because you're sick. Dogs love their people, but they also require regular play and exercise. Without regular exercise, many dogs develop destructive behaviors, including restlessness. So, what do you do to keep your dog occupied while you're not around?
Listed below are five options to consider.

Hire a dog walker

A dog stroll can make you ill. However, health and behavioral problems are more common in dogs that don't get regular walks. It's better to hire a dog walker than to endanger your own health by walking your dog. While that may seem easy, in practice, it proves to be quite challenging. In most cases, the person you'll be leaving your dog with will be a complete stranger to you. You have no idea how they treat dogs or if they will get along with your pet. Start by soliciting suggestions from people you know and trust, like family members, friends, and coworkers. The reviews of a dog walking service can be found on their website and social media pages. Meet the dog walker in your presence to make sure they are comfortable with each other before entrusting them with your pet. You need to have a dog walker lined up ahead of time so you can call them when you get sick. Keep in mind that not all dogs enjoy the company of their human-dog walker. Even though they need exercise, some dogs may view the dog walker as an intruder trying to take them away from their home.

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Find a pet sitter

Find a pet sitter ahead of time, just like you wouldn't hire a pet walker at the last minute. When you're sick, sometimes the only thing you can do is stay in bed. You can't even take care of yourself, much less your dog. In this kind of situation, it would be best to give that job to someone else. You should be able to count on a friend or family member, but that doesn't always work out. Everyone has their own schedule, and it's hard for people to fit something like this into their plans when it comes up out of the blue. There are services that can help with pet sitting. A pet sitter can either come to your house to take care of your dog or take the dog to their own home. Ask for references, make sure the dog sitter is licensed and insured, and meet the sitter with your dog to see how well they get along.

Use interactive toys

Your dog can have hours of fun with an interactive toy with minimal input from you. There's a lot to choose from, and new toys are always being developed and introduced onto the market. The Dog Tornado is a well-liked option since it uses four levels of revolving discs to exercise the dog's brain. Three of the four levels are good for concealing goodies. Then your pet can use his sense of smell or his paws to track them down. This treat-hiding puzzle for dogs is designed like a bone and made of wood; it's called the Ethical Pet Seek-a-Treat Shuffle Bone. For your dog to get to the rewards, he or she will need to slide the six discs around.
The Trixie Flip Board is a treat-finding game for dogs that features a non-slip rubber rim to hold the board in place as Fido searches for concealed treats. Playing fetch is a fun activity for canines as well. You can employ a mechanical ball launcher instead of throwing it if you don't feel up to it. You may choose the greatest ball launcher for your dog by consulting this guide from dogviously, although there are a few nice options out there.

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Play hide and seek 

Activate your dog's predatory instincts. Instead of using a game or puzzle, try disguising goodies or even some of their food throughout the house. You can do this on a regular basis to condition your dog to expect to find treats in unexpected places. If they think there are treats to be found, they will never grow tired of sniffing around the house. It's a lot like a scavenger hunt, except with your dogs. They'll go around and get what you've left for them while you relax.

Try less-taxing games

If you really want to play with your dog even though you are sick, try making changes to the games you usually play. Play fetch from your couch or bed instead of running around the yard. You'll have to be careful about where you throw the ball, and this will only work if your dog comes back to you. If you normally chase your dog around to get the ball, this won't work. Try pointing with a laser. Dogs love to chase that little red dot, and you won't have to do much for this game.

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