Spotted a rare pink dolphin swimming in Louisiana waters!

Spotted a rare pink dolphin swimming in Louisiana waters!

Updated on July 20, 2023 12:40 PM by Andrew Koschiev

For more than 20 years, Thurman Gustin has been fishing alongside a river in Cameron Parish, Louisiana. Two unusual pink dolphins, which he had never seen before, were found by him last week. Seeing a rare pink dolphin in Louisiana is unsurprising because it's Barbie season. 

Spotted in a video!

(Image Credits: New Scientist)

One of the dolphins was seen on camera emerging from the water. Although there are always dolphins around, he claimed that this one caught him off guard. According to Gustin, even a bobcat swimming across Texas bayou rates lower than his sighting with other animals. The resident of Houston, Texas, said of the bobcat, "That was cool, but nothing like this."

As we moved on, I became aware of something out of the ordinary that I knew wasn't normal. He added that he "stopped the boat and up popped this beautiful pink dolphin" and that his immediate thought upon seeing it was, "I had to record it." 

He said that the enormous pink dolphin he captured wasn't the only one in the pod, saying that "several" more dolphins were swimming nearby. 

He added, "The large pink one went past, and a little one was close to it.”My girlfriend also noticed the differences in size."

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Rare species found in borders!

The World Wildlife Fund states that there is a species of dolphin known as the pink river dolphin; however, that specific dolphin dwells in freshwater river basins throughout South America.

Since bottlenose dolphins frequently occur in the Gulf of Mexico and are generally gray in appearance, these creatures were probably bottlenose dolphins. Gustin witnessed the dolphin in Cameron Parish, which abuts the Gulf. Pink or white bottlenose dolphins are uncommon and are often found in albino dolphins, according to the Blue World Institute. 

According to the Institute, albino dolphins are rare and as a result attract human interest, which sadly leads to some of them being abducted and kept in captivity. 

What do you know about Pinky?

This dolphin could have been Pinky, the well-known dolphin of southern Louisiana, originally spotted in the same location as Gustin in the Calcasieu River in 2007. Pinky is most certainly an albino dolphin, according to genetics expert Greg Barsh, who previously told National Geographic that Pinky had crimson eyes and blood arteries, which suggest a lack of pigment. Since then, Pinky has amassed thousands of fans on her Facebook page, where people post videos of their interactions with the animal. 

The animal Gustin saw could be a member of Pinky's family, considering Pinky was previously observed carrying a calf. Gustin declared, "I cherish nature. Nature is God's method of saying hello, so constantly be inspired by it.

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