Meow, Meow...Why did the Cat sounds Meow? Have you ever wondered? Crunch Some Time to find Interesting Facts like This

Meow, Meow...Why did the Cat sounds Meow? Have you ever wondered? Crunch Some Time to find Interesting Facts like This

Updated on October 13, 2021 03:38 AM by Ella Bina

The Cats are an Enigma. They are always mysterious pets. Is It So??? Obviously No! From the time you wake up to when you go to bed, this Felis catus keeps you loving and annoying with their fluffy pile purring.

This article is all about these beauties! That you shouldn’t miss.

Tama A Manager of Railway station

Take some time and wonder! "Nama", a little cat, was a manager at a railway station in Japan. The Kishi train station near Wakayama in Japan hired Tama as a station master to pay her cat food.

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Black Cats: Am I Evil Cat

You humans, I feel worried if you think that I am Evil says Black cat. This Myth persisted across western civilization for years. Because of the Black Death pandemic in Europe in the 14th century, some superstitious individuals started killing black cats.

Luckily, Great Britain and Japan consider these Black Cats as Good Luck.

Towser was a Great Mouser

"I don't mind Rat race, but I could do it with little more cheese". Towser, a long-haired tortoiseshell cat that lived for a life of 24 years, holds a Guinness World Record. In kills 28,999 mice in her lifetime.

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PAWTY Me with Fishes Instead of Milk

Is your pet celebrating its birthday? Sing a song, "Happy Birthday to My pet", and lets PAWTY them with fish Instead of Milk. This doesn’t mean milk is toxic to Cat's, but it causes a stomach upset.

Tylenol and aspirin are chemical substances found in house plants it is very much toxic to pets. So keep watching them and always be cautious in feeding them a portion of table food.

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Come, Let’s Groom Us Cat Calling

Are you clean? Have you combed your hair? Think how many hours do you spend grooming yourself for a day. The astonishing fact is that Cat spends 30 to 50 per cent of their day grooming them.  This grooming allows them to keep them warm and dry.

The Space Cat

When it comes to animals landing in space, our minds rocketed with Laika the dog and Ham the Chimpanzee and Felicittee the only feline to reach space.

She is being recognized for her extraterrestrial achievement with a bronze statue.

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Let’s Play Hide and Seek

Have you ever noticed cats hide in small boxes? Why do they do so? Go hide and start playing hide and seek with them. They love to be in small boxes because they feel protected and safe and think they are again in the womb.

At last, you are waiting for the fact why does Cat's Meow, Meow  

The Fun Fact is that no one knows why do Cat's Meow; baby cats make plaintive noise to attract their mother, but as much as felines grow, they usually don't communicate with each other through sounds.

Instead, they communicate through their body language, not only the Cat's Meow but also 100 different other sounds that felines sound.

Understand the sounds of your pet and enjoy with them.

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