A breath of fresh air for Labrador on its reaction to the plastic swimming pool

A breath of fresh air for Labrador on its reaction to the plastic swimming pool

Updated on April 14, 2022 13:15 PM by Emily Hazel

Summer Heat And Sweating Walks With Pups  

The summer heat is slowly coming, but we'll be sweating it out on our walks with our pups before we know it. All the furry friends will need extra water as the sun comes out. We'll have to be extra careful to ensure they don't overheat. One idea is to get them a kid's swimming pool to let them cool off.

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Disinfect Swimming Pool  

The standard compounds used to disinfect swimming pools are forms of chlorine. Other disinfectants include bromine, ozone, and ultraviolet radiation. They all kill microbes by reacting with and disrupting the function of biomolecules the organisms need for survival has shown a statistically significant link between professional swimming and respiratory ailment.TikTok user Abialewis posted a past video of her Labrador enjoying some fun in the sun last year.

Plastic Swimming Pool Reaction  

The water hits the plastic swimming pool her dog goes crazy. He's so excited he gets to swim that he doesn't want to hold for the pool to be complete up! His hilarious and top reaction has brought in over 5 million views and 922000 likes. Take a look at the happy pup! We've never seen a dog so excited over something so small! It doesn't take much to entertain him.

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Happy Dog  

This video would go excellent with the TikTok song "Happy dog." @Mackie James wrote out the lyrics, "Just a happy dog. At the same time, he is excited. He does not even know what to do with himself as he runs around all over the place. Zoomies are a si of signature of a happy dog, so it looks like he'll want to swim all summer long.

Always High Energy  

The men always have to eat and drink water to keep that energy high. When you thought it couldn't get any more adorable, @abialewis posted a video of the pool filled up! He's living his best life! And if you can't get enough of this pup's content life, his mom just made him a TikTok to enjoy that pool all summer long.

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