Jennifer Malone performs a citizen's arrest to rescue a dog

Jennifer Malone performs a citizen's arrest to rescue a dog

Updated on April 08, 2022 12:58 PM by Andrew Koschiev

A citizen under the arrest

There are crime, violence, retribution, and indie darling Jena Malone makes a citizen's arrest. That is precisely what you expect from Hollywood.Malone is not in action.In this case, Jena Malone does not appear in an action movie but instead appears in a local Hollywood newspaper clip featuring an individual named Jena Malone.

Abusement over the animal

This month, NBC 4 Los Angeles aired a two-minute segment about how strangers abused a dog by chasing and beating him up after witnessing him physically abusing a minor, neglected animal.Malone is who chased the man.Jena Malone, who plays Mary Elizabeth in Hunger Games and Pride & Prejudice, was one of those who chased down the man. "I pulled over and started chasing him," she explains, "because that's not okay."

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Animal rescue is needed

Reporters don't seem to realize who they are talking to, other than someone who takes "animal rescue" too literally. The police need to arrive soon.The men who beat up the unidentified abuser said their act was "a citizen's arrest," and they held him down until police arrived.

Possibility to bring suit against a citizen

It is possible to bring a suit against the citizen arresters for continued abuse even after the man had already been subdued. Arresters do the abuse.Then again, professional arresters also abuse and detain their suspects for a full minute after they have already been subdued.

Refusal by Malone written on Twitter

Malone wrote on Twitter that he shouted at the dog from his car to stop, but he refused. He ran after the dog after trying to get it out of my car.Malone got back to her home.Malone began chasing the man, so five men followed her and took over the chase, so she returned to her car and drove back to her home "to assure that this dog would be taken care of."


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