Hey, I am Universal Pet. I Am Cute; Smart, Perfect, Diligent Don't Forget to Scroll down to Know Some Interesting Facts About Me

Hey, I am Universal Pet. I Am Cute; Smart, Perfect, Diligent Don't Forget to Scroll down to Know Some Interesting Facts About Me

Updated on April 07, 2023 20:07 PM by Emma Alice

Do you all think that making the Dogs your pet can decrease your Blood pressure? Yes, of course, they make us not feel Lonely. In addition, when we have a pet in our home, they can increase the Happy Hormone Oxytocin.

There are numerous Facts which we don't know about our Pet. Read the Article to know.

I Love You More Than You Love Me

The Dogs Think That Owner’s Family was their Family. The Signs that a pet shows when they love you more. They wag their tail, yawn with you, Sleeps with you, Cuddle with you, Leans against you, Steals your clothes, Make eye contact with you.

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Dogs Dreams Just Like You

Dogs have the same brain wave pattern while they sleep, which we humans usually have. However, a surprising fact is that not all dogs dream in the same amount. For example, small dogs are dreamless, while adults dream more.

I sleep in my owner’s Bed

Does your dog sleep with you? If so, then you're not alone; feel secure that you have a happy pet with you. A survey shows that 45% of dogs in the U.S sleep in their owner’s bed.

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Please buy me Shoes and Socks!

The Dogs have sweat glands only on their paws. And if you’ve noticed a Corn chip smell on your dog’s feet, don't worry. Instead, buy them a shoe and socks; the corn chip smell is normal.

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Dogs Hair turns grey while Human hair turns White

Have you ever wondered why a dog turns grey Early? So, Sad! That is due to stress in dogs and genetics, just like humans.

Dogs Can Detect Medical Issues

One Awesome fact is that dogs can detect certain medical issues when they were trained with that. For example, some dogs have demonstrated that they can detect epileptic episodes.

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Your Dogs pee says a lot About Him to His Friends

Did you notice why your dog wants to stop all the time when you are taking him out for a walk? This turns out to keep him tracking of what’s going in the other neighbourhood dogs. 

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Humans Adam and Eve alike Dogs Laika

Laika, a Russian wandering dog, was the very first biological mammals to orbit the Earth. Despite the fact that her trip ended fatally, she is hailed as a hero today.

Dogs Have Their Own Poop Compass

The fact that dogs poop according to the Earth’s magnetic field when they’re relieving themselves. Not only that, but canines choose to poop themselves in the north-south axis.

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The Relationship between Cheetahs and Dogs

Since cheetahs are sensitive animals, zoos provide them dogs as their assistants. Cheetahs are considered the fastest animal in the world but an amazing fact that greyhounds clocked 45 mph (72km/h)

A song for Dogs

The Beatles Song “A Day in the Life “is a song specially composed for dogs. The song has an extra pitch whistle sound which is audible only for dogs. It was recorded by Paul Mc Cartney for the enjoyment of his Shetland sheepdog.  

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