Dog's mother will not eat a meal without her pups

Dog's mother will not eat a meal without her pups

Updated on April 03, 2022 20:27 PM by Anna P

The mother dog waits to feed her puppies

A viral video shows how a mother dog waits until the volunteer leads her to her puppies before eating while living in a forest. Adorable Paws initially posted this video on YouTube. U/BrandonTaylor89 has since shared it on the "Made Me Smile" subreddit, receiving more than 26 thousand votes. Before heading down the path to where her litter of puppies emerged from the trees, the mother dog watched the other dogs eat the dry food left on the ground for them. The American Kennel Club published an article on how dogs exhibit maternal instincts.

Puppies usually have liquid foods

In general, puppies are not ready to switch to solid foods until they are between 3 and 4 weeks old. They also stay with their mother for a few weeks before finally being separated from her. In the section on the organization, Dr. Ann Hohenhaus, a staff physician at Animal Medical Center, said that a canine mother is very protective the first few days. However, she will allow others to come close to the puppies after that point.

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Motherhood is common for all

Adorable Paws reported that the mother dog had no appetite when volunteers left dog food in the forest. "The mother dog took us to the puppies," the description stated. "Motherhood is sacred. We followed her into the forest to feed the puppies." After a mixture of dry and wet food was dropped, the puppies gathered and began to eat. The mother entered the circle before bending over to give her puppies a bite of food. An anonymous Reddit commenter wrote, "She asked me to give her puppies some of the food in the bag so they wouldn't bite me."

Puppies with sharp teeth

According to another commenter, she was begging for kibble at five weeks. The puppies have already emerged from the womb with sharp teeth. Once those teeth grew in, she was done.

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