A brain cancer patient and his wife are made happy and feel better thanks to a disabled puppy.

A brain cancer patient and his wife are made happy and feel better thanks to a disabled puppy.

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Dog Improves People's Life  

Obviously, dogs improve individuals' lives, yet dogs could make a significant difference for specific individuals.Particularly for those people dealing with cancer or physical disabilities, a dog helps something special for a better and blissful life.One of those kinds of dogs is Champ, who is a disabled Chihuahua puppy six months old.Champ is giving pleasure to a Mesa man who has been diagnosed with a disease of terminal cancer.

Make Mesa Man Happy  

. Andrew Kuzyk has brain cancer, and his wife's name is Pamela Andersen. Pamela Andersen said that Champ's front paws are missing, so she said they are not disposing of him since he does not believe anyone should hurt him. Andreson said he had medical surgery on 1st November; however, they couldn't get it all since it's folded over his memory

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Medical Surgery  

.A few weeks before, Andersen and Kuzyk found that chemo and radiation have quit working. Kuzyk said that sometimes cancer could really quiet you down; however, the Champ dog simply brings this serenity and peace to him. They said that Champ acquires happiness in everybody his way.

Nurses Fan For Champ 

Kuzyk said that if the nurses realize that they are coming, nurses accumulate in the lobby and wait for the Champ. Presently, Andersen and Kuzyk are fundraising to get a wheelchair for Champ. Andreson said that Champ's back is bowing so bad, she doesn't like Champ to stay as such or become broken, and they are exceptionally cautious with him.

Half Of What They Need 

The wheelchair will cost about $600; thus far, they have raised about half of what they need. All they truly need is a positive outlook for Champ and his owner Andersen.Kuzyk said that he doesn't have any idea what's the future holds; however, he realizes the lord will accompany him during it and so he is not afraid.

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