Discovered Couple Species By Awaiting For Couple Of Decades.

Discovered Couple Species By Awaiting For Couple Of Decades.

Updated on December 21, 2021 10:33 AM by Anthony Christian

Finding something new about the people and animals living in the present is an interesting thing, but not most amazing while comparing to finding the facts about the animal which is lived and died million years ago. The word dinosaur will make you think about the giant animal with a threatening look. The real reason to make people realize that dinosaurs are giant and dangerous animals is the discovered bones of the different species of dinosaurs.

Bones OfSpinosaurid Was Spotted

There were several skeletons and bones of the dinosaurs were found in the past periods. But currently, in the year 2021, new bones of two new species of dinosaurs were discovered. In the Isle of Wight, the bones of the Spinosaurid species of dinosaur are found.

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Related To Spinosaurid, Related To Crocodile

The dinosaur bones found on the Isle Of Weight are a group of predatory theropod dinosaurs closely related to the Spinosaurus. There is also an unusual thing in these dinosaur bones: these bones are related to the crocodile skull.

Hunter In Land And Water

The crocodile skull pattern of the spinosaurus bones shows that two new dinosaur fish species also exist in the diet. Hence, the crocodile skull pattern must support the giant Spinosaurus to hunt the fishes and eat them.

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Two Skulls Found, A Tail Portion Found, And Over 50 Bones Were Found

The skeleton of dinosaurs was not found at a single spot at the same time. Initially, two skulls were found by keen-eyed fossil collectors. Afterward, a crew of Dinosaur Isle Museum found a large portion of a tail. Hence later, from the site, there were 50 bones found from the uncovered rocks.


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Initial Discovery Was In 1983

In the previous periods, the bones as evidence for the existence of Spinosaurus were found in Baryonyx for the first time in 1983. The bone analysis was carried out at the University of Southampton. The science report said that those bones belong to dinosaurs but are unrelated to the previously discovered spices.


Awaited For Couple Of Decades

The discovery of the spinosaurus bones was the factor that has been waited for a long time. A couple of decades have been spent finding the bones of the dinosaurs species spinosaurus. Hence, finding the two new species through waiting for two decades is a massive surprise for the people waiting for it.

Horned Crocodile

The bones of the species that died millions of years ago won't have identity proof with its name. Hence, while finding the new species, the new name related to the bones of the species found will be seen. Therefore, among the two species, the first one was named Ceratosuchopsinferodios, which means horned crocodile-faced hell heron.

The low horns series and the bumps in the brow region are related to the predators as it is similar to the heron which catches the prey in the waterway border. Hence through analyzing its diet and prey using the bones, the name combination will be chosen.

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Riverbank Hunter

The second species was named Riparovenatormineral, which means Milner's riverbank hunter. The term Milner was added for honoring the recently passed esteemed British paleontologist Angela Milner. As Dr. Milner had previously studied, named Baryonyx, and improved the understanding of distinctive predators, Milner was added with the species name to honor the British paleontologist.

Carnivores In Nine Meters Length

The two species are carnivores and related closely, similar to several living carnivores in this ecosystem. The dinosaurs species Riparovenator and Ceratosuchops are measured around the length of nine meters.

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