15 Top Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

15 Top Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

Updated on September 09, 2022 15:15 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Dogs have been humankind's affectionate companion as far back as the Stone Age, and it's not just because they're so cute. They're intelligent in a way ideal for humans, an entirely intentional state of affairs; over the millennia, humans bred dogs to be perfect dog companions.

Coren says, There are three types of dog intelligence. The first is "instinctive," focusing on what humans have bred the dog to do. The second is "adaptive," and The third is "working and obedience."

Border Collie

This is one of the smartest canine breeds known to man. Chaser, a gifted border collie from South Carolina, could recognize more than 1,000 words. But it is not just a matter of being "book smart."

A descendant of European herding puppies that lived along the rocky borders of Scotland, England, and Wales, the border collie was bred to be crafty and athletic to survive the treacherous landscape. It is blessed with a strong work ethic.

The breed is so intelligent and excellent at communicating with humans that it is not unreasonable to imagine that many are quite adept at getting what they want from their owners. That is why we are proclaiming the border collie the smartest dog in the world.

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Labrador Retriever

This canine breed is a descendant of the St. John Dog and a relative of the Newfoundland. The breed derived its name in the 19th century after English nobles returned from a Canadian visit with what they called the Labrador dog.

The Labrador retriever is known for self-training; it can and wants to listen to humans, not by being tight but by watching and imitating. For all these reasons, this affectionate autodidact is the most popular dog breed in the United States, one of the human favorites with disabilities, and one of the best emotional support dogs.

Poodle The French Breeds

One of several elegant French dog breeds, the poodle is often seen as high maintenance. But do not be laughed at thinking that makes them any less clever. The breed gets first marks for its emotional and cognitive intelligence.

The job explained by obedience, steadfast focus, clear-headed decision-making, and quick-learning poodles became the obvious choice. Veterinarian Wendy Hauser, DVM, about poodles being readily trainable and enjoying activities that allow them to be challenged, such as hunting, tracking, obedience work, and agility sports.

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Hunting Companions Golden Retriever

Canine intelligence is not about brainpower. When dealing with golden retrievers, their willingness to "comply with commands and asked of them by their owners," as Cline put it, pushes them into the number four slot.

Because of their impulse to their humans, these puppies can be relied upon to act consistently in various situations. Breed in Scotland to be hunting companions and game retrievers, they are often employed in search-and-rescue operations, assisted by their relative agility and powerful gait.

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Shetland Sheepdog

This compact Shetland sheepdog does everything a larger herding dog can do but on considerably less food. That is precisely why they were bred as the "collie's little cousin." Farmers in the UK's Shetland Islands used them to perform herding duties, and not just for sheep. As some know it, the sheltie found work herding ponies and poultry.

Eager to be motivated to keep trying until they get it right, shelties are great at learning new commands in a few repetitions. And yet as small as these fluffballs are, they make excellent guard dogs, thanks to their ability to sense danger. That's intuitive intelligence right there.

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Big-Eared Pups – Papillon

The smallest of all the smartest dog breeds is the papillon. One of several adorably big-eared pups, the breed can trace its roots back almost 700 years, which plays a major role in its intelligence. The papillon, whose name is the French term for "butterfly" and a nod to its wing-like ears, originated as a guide for members of the nobility.

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Fearless Doberman Pinscher

Doberman - fearless, loyal, and alert, the highly intelligent and readily trainable Doberman pinscher was bred by a German tax collector who had a bit of extra time on his hands during the off-season, as well as an abundance of motivation to breed the perfect canine bodyguard.

According to the Coren, Known for their fearless nature, speed, and deep stamina, these tough but elegant-looking, robustly athletic creatures make ideal guard dogs.

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The rottweiler stem from the days of the Roman Empire when they used it to herd livestock.

Holistic pet therapist and author Sally Morgan say, "Today, Rotties are revered as one of the smartest dogs for their sharp perception, unwavering loyalty, and acute awareness; it is why they are often employed as search-and-rescue, guard, and police dogs."

Coren ranks the rottweiler 9th among intelligent dog breeds, making it the biggest dog in size and smart.

The powerful, rugged, robust rottweiler is called for being exceptionally affectionate and loyal. They make fantastic police dogs and are also great obedience competitors, service dogs, therapy dogs, and everyday pets.

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The English Royals – Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Smart, affectionate, and alert, the Pembroke Welsh corgi has been the go-to dog breed of the English royals since 1933, when the then Duke of York brought corgis Dookie and Jane home as pets for Elizabeth and her younger sister, Margaret. It is estimated that in her 70-year reign, Queen Elizabeth has raised more than 30 corgis.

Although Pembroke Welsh Corgi's legs are too short, its muscles are powerful. And with a bold attitude, it makes a surprisingly effective watchdog. Per Dr. Hauser, this happy, short-legged dog breed is most fulfilled when there is a job to do.

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English Springer Spaniel

Blessed with an incredible memory and beautiful green eyes, the English springer iel is the 13th most intelligent dog breed on Coren's list. Playful, friendly, and obedient, it was bred centuries ago to flush out and retrieve game birds in the British uplands.

As the breed was developed for many years, the English springer iel was practically indistinguishable from the breeds that eventually came to be identified as the English cocker iel and the English field iel.

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Queen Victoria had countless dogs throughout her life, but two of her favorites were collies that lived during the second half of the 19th century.

That is when the film Lassie Come Home premiered, introducing to the world a sensitive, loyal pup who never met a kid in peril she did not save. In other words, your typical collie. But these lovable long-nosed canines care for more than just kids.


This lovable fluffball is tied with the collie, one of the smartest dog breeds. The Dutch Barge Dog, the keeshond. We're ranking the smartest dog breeds, not the furballs we want to take home and snuggle. No, you can thank the breeds for the best intelligence and eager-to-please personality.

But this beloved breed did not let that dull its bright appearance. At present, it may find work as a Seeing Eye. One thing to remember if you're thinking of bringing a keeshond home: These pups are so friendly and get so bonded to their humans that they've been called clingy.

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German Shorthaired Pointer

In 1861, German hunters started to breed German Shorthaired Pointer for all kinds of games, all kinds of hunts, and all kinds of conditions.

Muscular and slim, with fairly unusual coloring that often involves a good amount of "ticking," the German shorthaired pointer is highly trainable, loyal, and loving.

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Belgian Tervure

Including an "intelligent nature and affinity for sports such as agility, sledding, tracking, and herding," the Belgian Tervuren has earned its place among the smartest dog breeds.

Not only Belgian Tervuren has the brains and organizing functioning skills to have once been a valued herder on a Belgian farm, but it is a highly attentive companion with a strong protective instinct, incredibly loyal, and tricks.

Miniature Schnauzer

This adorably bearded dog is the smallest of the three schnauzer breeds. These fast learners enjoy being challenged and often excel at sports where they must use their intelligence, like agility and competitive obedience.

Friendly, obedient, and smart, these pups have big-dog confidence in a small-dog body. They were bred from the schnauzer to work on farms as a sort of four-legged pest control, sniffing out and dispatching rodents.

This bearded brainiac makes for a great city companion, thanks to its size, adaptability, and general love of children and other small animals.

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