Queen Elizabeth II humanized in front of me: John Rankin Waddell

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Posted on: 27 Jun, 2022

John Rankin Waddell was among the ten photographers chosen to photograph the reigning monarch for her Golden Jubilee, celebrated in 2002. 

Who is John Rankin Waddell?

John Rankin Waddell is a Scottish-born photographer and co-founder of the magazine Dazed who worked with Hollywood and in some fashion.

Madonna made John Rankin Waddell nervous:

In his Fox News Digital, he spoke about his first encounter with the Queen and admitted how he was so nervous as he had never been one in his life. According to him, the only person who made him uneasy was Madonna. He added that if one is ever born in the U.K, she becomes like an extended member of your family.

John Rankin Waddell's story of meeting the Queen: 

John Rankin Waddell arrived at Buckingham Palace wearing a suit and carrying his equipment. He was waiting for the Queen in a room with about three palace aides. In the long corridor, he saw the Queen Elizabeth-II walking alongside a towering footman who was 6 feet, 2inches.

Queen Elizabeth II humanized in front of me:

As she walked in, the vibration took over him, and she was not that tall too. But when she walked in, a wave of power took over the room; she maintained her bright smile with laughter as she walked in, which put the photographer in comfort.

The Queen's smile gave a piece of comfort to John Rankin Waddell:

Based on his research, she had a good sense of humor, and it clearly showed and that she was humanized in front of him.

Queen Elizabeth was photographed in a ballroom:

The photo shoot went very smoothly in the ballroom until a piece of John Rankin Waddell's camera fell to the ground during the shoot.

John Rankin Waddell 100 frames in four minutes.

And suddenly, the Queen started to laugh, and she wanted to capture that feeling in his camera. She asked the Queen could you see a smile, please? And he got 100 frames in four minutes. Three of the 100 frames were his favorite as the Queen was smiling.

John Rankin Waddell worked with Prince William:

Following this shoot, he worked in 2010 with Queen Elizabeth's Grandson Prince William.

John Rankin Waddell is making a difference:

Now he is working with the global biotherapeutics leader CSL Behring to launch 'Portraits of Progress,' an exhibition to showcase the true stories and experiences of people living with hemophilia from the mid-20th century to today. 

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