MOM Worries Little People's Audrey Roloff reveals she's a 'nervous mom' during 7-month-old son Radley's swimming classes in new video

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Posted on: 27 Jun, 2022

Videos of her infant's swimming lessons

Videos of the reality TV star's youngest child attempting to swim in the pool by himself have been posted online.

Audrey shared numerous videos of her infant's swimming lessons on Friday, all of which featured her worried voice in the background.

The LPBW star worriedly inquired

Radley was shown floating in the pool with the instructor's assistance in one video. The LPBW star worriedly inquired, 'Those bubbles are okay, right?' as she saw her infant struggle a little.

The swim instructor said that

The swim instructor said that those bubbles indicate that he is breathing. But in order for those bubbles to disappear, I want him to do more floating on his back. He's now breathing more easily.

Audrey acknowledged that 

He is performing a back float but is not quite at ease. This requires time. He has started. Audrey acknowledged that the situation had been raising some concerns in the subsequent Instagram Story.

'My nervous mom voice'

She captioned the video of her small kid being flipped by the teacher in the water from his back to his belly to his back again, saying, 'My nervous mom voice.'The coach said, 'There it is, there it is.' 'To the fullest. Well done.

'Yay, buddy!' cried Audrey

The instructor said, 'I'm barely helping him out, but I'm helping him out a little bit,' as they repeated the exercise.

'Our confidence is growing. Good work, Radley. The instructor then briefly left the infant alone before returning to assist him.

Audrey yelled, 'Good work, buddy'

When her two-year-old Bode's swim lessons came next, the films showed him learning to float and tread water. The coach instructed Bode to 'Chin up.' 'You can do this,'

Come on, buddy,' Audrey yelled to him. You have it

Audrey startled her followers earlier this week by flaunting her postpartum figure in a seductive $162 swimsuit. Holding her seven-month-old, Audrey, 30, posed for the Instagram Story.

The reality personality flaunted

The LPBW star smiled throughout the adorable film as she slung Radley beneath her arm. The reality personality flaunted a gorgeous swimsuit with pink flowers printed on the front.

She had purchased the one-piece

With the song Soak Up the Sun by Sheryl Crow playing in the background, Radley looked gorgeous in his light brown onesie. After that, Audrey posted a link where she had purchased the one-piece.

An estimated $170 is spent on the Saint Maddox swimwear

Since giving birth to her third kid, the Little People actress has been candid about her postpartum physique.

Audrey posted pictures of herself with just a bra and shorts 'just one hour postpartum' back in November.

The post's description read

She appeared to have a pregnancy bump in the picture after giving birth to her son. The post's description read:

'The mirror selfie taken an hour after delivery. God created our bodies to perform wonders like sustaining life.'

Audrey hasn't been secretive about her body, but she did talk openly about the discomfort and weariness after giving birth.

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