Despite Family Conflict, the Queen 'Adores' Prince Harry, Friend Says

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Posted on: 28 Jun, 2022

The two signature moves

According to body language expert Judi James, who was quoted in The Sun, despite how frequently we've seen the Duchess of Cambridge in public settings—including this past week at the University of Cambridge's Fitzwilliam Museum for the unveiling of her and William's first official portrait together—her body language can be reduced to just two signature moves.

The fig leaf posture

The fig leaf posture is the first, which James describes as a 'self-protective barrier ritual.'

What is fig leaf posture?

'In the years before he met Kate, William was frequently seen striking what is known as the fig leaf position, with his hands clasped in front of his torso at about the same spot as a fig leaf would sit on a Classical nude statue,' she claims.

Prince William felt uncomfortable in front of the media

'The gesture is a ritualized self-protective barrier that guys often use when they're uneasy, shy, or defensive. William appeared timid and perhaps felt uncomfortable in front of the news cameras.

 Kate's posture

And when William strikes this pose, Kate mimics it by standing with her hands in a similar position while using mirroring or postural echo.

To make her husband comfortable

According to James, 'Mirroring conveys like-minded thinking and, in Kate's case, the way she imitates his pose and makes it look much more beautiful and less tense serves to make William look less defensive or barrier-like through proxy.'

Show of empathy

It's a show of empathy as well as affection, and the Cambridges' frequent use of subliminal mirroring is a subtle but potent indication of their closeness as partners and their strong, compatible relationships as the future monarchs.

The second gesture

According to  Kate's posture, the second distinguishing gesture is her 'adoring glance on her husband, connecting with her eyes and her smile.'

To be out of Willi's happier side

This staring appears to be a routine used to bring out William's happier, more playful side when they are in public if her hand clasp is a reflecting action.

Gloomy in front of the camera

William 'hasn't always had the nicest connection with the cameras, and he did have a reputation for being a bit Moody a few years back,' James adds.

Kate uplifts the mood

But she remarks, “Kate’s smile acts as a state-changer as she teases him silently into a smiling back.”Kate acts as an uplift for her husband, James says.

Frequently used by the two

Once you learn the two hallmark moves, you'll start to see them used frequently by these two.

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