Despite Family Conflict, the Queen 'Adores' Prince Harry, Friend Says

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Posted on: 27 Jun, 2022

Her Majesty adores Harry

And a loving one at that: According to a friend, Her Majesty adores Harry, who recently visited the U.K. with wife Meghan Markle and their children Archie and Lilibet, who were given the Queen's family nickname.

Have a close bond

The Queen and the Duke of Sussex have a strong relationship, a friend tells the outlet. 'If Harry asks, the Queen would say yes.' He is adored by her.

Harry's Invictus Games, 2016

In 2016, when Harry invited his grandmother to join him for a cheeky, amusing film to promote Harry's Invictus Games, a cause dear to his heart, the friendship between the two was put on display in front of the entire world.

Lady Michelle Obama  teasings

For those who are unfamiliar with this clip, a brief recap will help: While sitting on a floral sofa in Windsor Castle, Harry leans in to show his grandmother a brief clip from his phone in which then-President Barack Obama and then-First Lady Michelle Obama tease him about the upcoming games by saying that the U.S. was getting ready to win big.


According to PEOPLE “One of the servicemen surrounding the Obamas sent out a triumphant ‘boom’ to underscore the boast,”.

Queen's reaction

As the cameras started to roll, the usually austere Queen responded, 'shrugging her shoulders and saying in classic understatement: Boom, really? Please.’”

Only when Harry is beside her

Only with Harry by her side could such a moment have truly occurred.

According to 'PEOPLE'

In PEOPLE's words, 'six years later, it's evident that few, if any, members of the Queen's extended family would have the courage and humor to invite the Queen to participate in such a farce.

Harry's life

There is no doubt that a lot has changed since 2016: Harry met and wed Meghan, had a child, gave up his role as a working royal, moved to the United States, survived a pandemic, and has clashed with his father, Prince Charles, and, most significantly, his brother, Prince William.

Wants the monarch

Harry and the Queen speak frequently through video chats, and Harry has made it known that he is guarded by his grandmother and wants to surround the monarchy with the right people.

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